Year-end Functions

Themes for Memorable Year-end Functions in Pretoria

It is that time of the year again and you have to come up with a theme or idea to make your corporate year-end function memorable. Of course, the first step is to find a venue for year-end functions that can match just about any theme, idea and size of corporate function. Fortunately, the Monument Function Centre at the Voortrekker Monument in Pretoria has several venues, both indoors and outdoors, enough parking and excellent security. With the venue selected, let us focus on a few décor and theme ideas and a few to make your event the epitome of year-end functions.

The Name is Bond – James Bond 007

For some reason, James Bond does not seem to ever go out of fashion and hosting a 007 evening or day event at one of the venues at the Monument Function Centre will enable you to create a stunning event setting. Make it a black-tie event and hand out little gadgets to attendees. You can even have one or two Trivial Pursuit board games with the 007 expansion packs. Have the board game Codenames available as an icebreaker and have a gambling lounge where players use Monopoly money to get their chips. Add a bit of suspense to the evening by placing a riddle or clue at each seat regarding a spy master working the room. The guests can try to find the spy master through the riddles. Make up a few spy games that can be played throughout the night.

As an alternative to adding board games and a gambling lounge, you can give each person a role or codename. A pack of cards with the codenames is placed at each table. Guests can then look at the cards and try to figure out who has which codename at their table. Guests are allowed to give clues, but cannot disclose their identity outright. If someone guesses the codename of another guest at the table, the person identified must perform a predetermined act that you can decide on prior to the evening. With James Bond being a rather stylish and quintessentially British character, consider decorating the venue as one of the places in Europe that was a location for one of the James Bond movies. Play the soundtracks from the 007 movies and have a 007 quiz in which the guests seated at the same table form a team. Think of a prize to give to the winning table. Martinis, a buffet dinner and typical gala-style event will make your 007 year-end function worth remembering.

Nobel Peace Prize Evening

Everyone loves being awarded, whether it is for their hard work, knowledge or sales performance. Of course, with a Nobel Peace Prize year-end function, you will have a typical high roller-style gala event. There will be a red carpet, scores of photographers and cars being driven by chauffeurs. The guests arrive in pairs or one by one. Each guest is asked who they think will walk away with the Nobel Peace Prize. Some guests will be in the running for the prize, others will be judges and others will be fans. Let them know what their roles are before the event. Those in the running will be eligible for something funny such as the person in the company that invented the coffee spill method that has helped to bring a bit of laughter to the sad human race of Company X.

Space Invaders

A few years ago everyone hated the space theme, mostly because it was so overplayed during the eighties that just the notion of having anything to do with Star Trek would have people groan out of despair. However, a whole new generation of young employees has entered the workspace and they love their mobile devices. They are all into little games and virtual reality. This is the new crowd, and call them space invaders if you like, but cater to their flair for adventure with a space invader theme year-end function. You can have the guests decide from which planet they want to hail and have them dress up accordingly.

The above are only three ideas for corporate year-end functions. Brainstorm on the issue, but whatever you do, do not miss out on the opportunity to host your function at one of the best event venues in Pretoria.
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