Year-End Function Venues

Ideas to Spice up Year-end Functions

As the year draws to a close, company owners start to think about possible year-end function venues and theme ideas. Of course, central location makes all the difference. A venue that can be reached from Johannesburg, Pretoria North, West and East, Midrand and Centurion is perfect.

Add to the picture a year-end function venue overlooking the Pretoria city beneath that has ample safe parking and open surrounds and you have a winning combination. Now also add to the above, a wide range of venues to cater for day or evening functions, various group sizes and formal, semi-formal or informal events and you cannot get better than the Monument Function Centre located at the Voortrekker Monument Complex, but more information on each of the venues is available at our website.

With the Function Venue Selected, What will your Theme be this year?

Are you tired of the same old themes like Fire & Ice, Alice in Wonderland, Hawaii, End-of-the-World, Super Heroes or the Emmy Awards? Are you looking for that something unusual? Consider the ideas and themes below to create a morning, lunch or evening year-end function that will be remembered for years.

Wine or Craft Beer Tasting

For this, you will need a venue with a historical setting, a view, a lovely garden and plenty of footpaths and seating space, or you can just go with a garden cottage setting with the wines and beers elegantly displayed. You can rent a craft brew set for the day or have a wine expert come and talk about 15 of the top South African wines. Lunch or dinner can follow, but for this type of event, we recommend also renting a coach or arranging for transport afterwards.

Comedy is Back

Top stand-up comedians are now available to entertain your corporate crew. You can even book the services of two or three comedians while your employees and clients enjoy dinner. With this type of event, you can be sure to have all the employees forget about sales targets and project delays for one night!

Sweet Tooth Fairy

Forget about formal sit-down dinners where the guests often do not eat the desserts because they already had far more to eat and drink than they want to admit. Have special dessert boxes filled with delicatessens worth remembering. Use the boxes as the go-home gifts for your guests.

Murder Mystery

Do you have a small team of fewer than 28 or so employees, but still want to host a year-end function that will be remembered? Then get out the inspector hats for a murder mystery sit-down dinner party at one of our venues. You can purchase an entire murder mystery package online and use the script for your invitations and the dress code.

Spice up the Formal Year-end Function with Performance Artists

Imagine the banquet hall stylishly draped and then seeing an aerial dancer descend from above into the crowd. Or, what about a professional flair bartender doing a short show? You can also rent a fire dancer to entertain guests at one of our outside venues. Jugglers, slack-rope walkers, and magicians are all popular and well appreciated at year-end functions.

Mix it for More Fun

Why not hire a bartender to come and mix a few unique cocktails at your event? Your employees can list their favourite drinks and the bartender will prepare the cocktails in unusual ways.


You know those employees always complaining about never having time or money to go on vacation? Select a country of choice and have the venue decorated accordingly. From the food to the beverages, reflect the country’s culture. Have photo booths set up with backdrops such as the Statue of Liberty (if you selected USA) or the Parthenon (Greece), where they can have stunning vacation pictures taken. As invitations, send airline-type tickets to the employees and they must each create a passport from an imaginary country of choice.

Trivia will Declare the Winner

After the formal or during the informal dinner, host an office trivia. Split your group up in teams and have cash prizes for winning teams. You can also use it as a board game evening, where employees play 30 Seconds, Pictionary, Mafia and other party games.


As far as themes go, you do not have to focus on a specific theme, but if you want a themed event, consider:

  • Back to Africa;
  • The Matrix;
  • Cowboys and Crooks;
  • Voortrekkers (Boer pioneers);
  • Lost at Sea;
  • Around the World in One Night;

Select one of our year-end function venues that suit your group size, the type of event you want to host and whether you want performers, formal dinners or to simply relax in the open.
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