Year-End Function Venues in Pretoria

One-stop Year-end Function Venues for Parties in Pretoria

When reserving year-end function venues in Pretoria or elsewhere for that matter, all too often one still has to source and organise flowers, table centre piece designs and relevant components to arrange them, decor items and elements, such as linen, crockery, cutlery and glassware, a caterer and menu, serving staff, drinks, bar facilities, and more.

Last, but by no means least, someone has to coordinate and oversee all this and pull it all together at one of the year-end function venues in Pretoria. All must be delivered and set up simultaneously on the chosen date, in good time and within budget – a time consuming and daunting task, to say the least.

We have good news for the organiser, who might want to head for the hills at the prospect of getting everything in place and ready. We will take the load off their shoulders so that they can enjoy the event along with all the other guests. In fact, we will do everything, from personal service to decor, lighting, menu and all aspects of catering – all on site.

Assisted by our competent events coordinator and staff, the client has a choice of themes and styles, depending on what they and their guests would prefer. If a dance floor or stage is required, we’ll ensure that it’s there.

Our aim is customer satisfaction and enjoyment, without the possible headache of forgetting something or spending hours decorating the room. We plan, prepare and organise according to the client’s wishes and within their budget.

Why hold a year-end function anyway, some may ask. Its purpose is typically a means for an organisation’s executive management team to recognise and thank staff for their work, effort and commitment during the preceding year. The quality of the venue and the food and beverages should reflect sincere thanks, otherwise the message and purpose of the event is lost.

Spouses or partners are generally included in the invitation to staff members. A sit-down dinner, which may either be served or buffet style, forms the event’s basis. Usually some form of entertainment accompanies the dinner during the course of the evening.

This may include dancing, a live band or a DJ who provides and plays recorded music. A comedian or professional motivational speaker may be engaged to appear on stage during the event.

A year-end function also represents an ideal platform for presenting awards, commendations and sharing good results and news with all in a less formal environment than that of the workplace. Because of its more informal social element, people feel free from workplace constraints, meaning that the event allows guests to socialise and get to know one another on a different level – management and employees alike.

Remember, it’s a time to celebrate the cohesion of the company and its employees, without whom there could be no business. Throughout the country, the end of year party is eagerly anticipated, thus an extremely popular practise.

As with virtually everything else, venue bookings for the final stages of the calendar year are finite and demand exceeds supply. This has resulted in year-end functions being held earlier than late November and early December, the time immediately prior to the Christmas break.

It’s advisable for our valued clients to make their reservations earlier rather than later to avoid disappointment. Although we have 3 outstanding event locations near the Voortrekker Monument and within its surrounding 240ha nature reserve, and can cater for more parties than if only one venue was available, we still emphasise that bookings be made well in advance of the proposed date.

Bring us your requirements, number of guests, proposed dates and budget, and we’ll do all the rest. You and your guests arrive and from then onwards, enjoy and have fun at our establishment/s, the pick of year-end function venues in Pretoria.

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