Year End Function Venues in Pretoria

Looking for Year End Function Venues in Pretoria? We’ve Got What You Need!

When the end of the year rolls around, all staff members look forward to the year end party. This is a time to let go, unwind and have a good time with close friends, colleagues and other key players in the working environment. Many businesses seek external venues to host their year end parties, as this provides the opportunity to truly treat teams to something different. When shopping around for the ideal year end function venues in Pretoria, take the time to consider your options – just because a venue is offering a year end special doesn’t mean that they are the ideal venue for you and your team.

By doing some thorough research and asking questions, you will quickly discover which venues are ideal for your function.  While year end parties are all about celebrating the success of the past year and bringing the team together to show appreciation for their hard work and their influence in the business’s success, it is also about having fun. Finding a venue that can offer this particular type of appeal can be tough.

There are a few things that you should check with a function venue before you decide that it is right for the function in Pretoria that you have coming up. Below is a check list of things to consider and ask potential venues about:  
  • The capacity of the venue – you need to make sure that you shortlist venues that can cater to the size of group that you have. Finding a gorgeous venue that can only cater to half of your staff complement is just not going to work, so be careful when selecting potential options.
  • Facilities offered by the venue – many venues have just a function room or restaurant to offer for your celebration. Seek out venues that offer a bit of variety here. Venues that have more than one room or venue option to choose from are great. Also make sure that they have things that you might require to make the event more enjoyable, such as audio and video systems, tables and chairs, serving areas, bar area and so on. The more the venue has to offer in terms of facilities, the more ideal it is in terms of impressing and treating your guests.
  • Location of the venue – let’s face it; all year end functions have a certain amount of alcohol available and this can be dangerous if your attendees intend to drive home. Make sure that the venue is located close enough for drivers and also ensure that public transport is available at or near the venue. Ask the function venue if they offer transport as a service – this could save you a lot of stress in the long run.
  • Affordability – choosing a venue that is phenomenal can come with a hefty price tag attached. Know your budget before you start looking around and choose a venue that is reasonable, especially in terms of food and drinks. Some venues overcharge for these, but you will find that many will offer you a packaged deal or a per person rate that includes food and refreshments.

It is great to find a venue that simply has it all to offer: a great surrounding, beautiful view, positive and energetic atmosphere and so on. At Monument Function Centre in Pretoria, we have all of this and more. In fact, our centre has 6 venue options on site for you to choose from. The venue that you choose will obviously be dictated by the size of your group and the type or style of function that you would like to host. Our team will ensure that your team is properly taken care of. From a warm welcome, gorgeous décor and facilities to impress, to a delectable menu and the opportunity to make memories to last a life time, we simply have it all. If you haven’t yet chosen Monument Function Centre as your venue of choice in Pretoria, you should be asking yourself why not!

When looking for year end function venues in Pretoria, take the time to contact us at Monument Function Centre. You are more than welcome to pay us a visit, give us a call or send us an email. For more information and advice, get in touch with us today.
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