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Going in Style

With the end of the year rapidly approaching, companies are looking for the perfect year-end function venue to celebrate the end of 2017’s working year. Usually, these social events will include activities for all the employees, and lots of food to satisfy their taste buds. On occasion, there will also be an open bar, depending on company and the function venue. No matter what your preferences, Monument Function Centre has a selection of ideal year-end function venues to choose from.

Always remember to consider the type of venue before making a decision, based on the people that will be attending. You want them to have the best possible experience, which leads to selecting a venue that is big enough to first accommodate everybody, and suit their preferences after that. Although you cannot satisfy everyone, you can satisfy the majority of attendants and have a wonderful evening. Here are some of the best year-end function venues we have on offer.

The Amphi Hall

This event venue has been used for a selection of different events, and has proven to be very versatile. Apart from being ideal for matric farewell dances, birthday parties, and even weddings, it can cater for any year-end function as well. Situated at the Voortrekker Monument, you will say goodbye to 2017 while enjoying a fantastic atmosphere and great food. Catering will always be one of the most important aspects of any successful year-end function, and this venue will simply delight you with top South African cuisine. With every room equipped with unique décor and some of the best audio-visual and sound equipment, you can crank up the volume once the party gets going – giving 2017 the send-off it deserves. Professional service is paramount at the Amphi Hall, giving you high-quality service around the clock and ensuring that your function goes according to plan.

A total of 3000 m² of event space is available at this venue, to give you more than enough room for all the people you plan to host at your company’s year-end function. A safe environment, with more than enough secure parking space, will give you the peace of mind to enjoy the evening to its fullest and not worry about any security concerns. If you plan to have a big number of people attending, this venue can certainly accommodate all of them with ease. For an even more exciting year-end function, you have the option to host an open-air event at the Amphi Hall as well. With the Pretoria weather permitting, you will say goodbye to 2017 underneath the stars. Open-air events can be risky to plan, and even harder to execute, but with us at Monument Function Centre, we can make it happen for you at the Amphi Hall.


If you are looking for a smaller year-end function venue that can host up to 200 people, Blikkantien is the right choice for you. This venue sets out to create a traditional theme that celebrates the culture and style of the Afrikaner, and is suitable for just about any event. Situated in a lush garden at the bottom of the Voortrekker Monument, it imparts and “old times” feel, especially when some good old Afrikaner cuisine comes your way. A combination of delicious food and stylish accessories will give you the perfect setting for your year-end function, and can be perfect for that old-school country feel as well. This venue also features a tea garden, which is ideally situated just outside the main hall – making it accessible for an aesthetically pleasing environment outside as well. Blikkantien will not fail to impress, and can be the perfect venue for your year-end function.

If you are still unsure about which one of these venues to choose, feel free to browse our website for information on all our available venues that you can book for your year-end function. In addition, you can always contact us for direct information and assistance regarding our venues to ensure that any event you are planning will be at the ideal venue for a successful execution. Choose Monument Function Centre today, and we will take care of all your event venue needs. Take your event planning to the next level with us, and never be stuck at a disappointing venue again.
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