Where to Find Affordable Wedding Venues in Gauteng

Preparing for the Special Day

According to a couple of famous businessmen, there are three important moments in your life where money does not matter. These moments include the day you are born, the day you get married, and the day you die. Luckily, we cannot control the day we are born and the day we leave this life, but we can control the day we tie the knot. If you want to know where to find affordable wedding venues in Gauteng, Monument Function Centre holds the answers you seek.

Although money is not supposed to matter when it comes to your wedding, it does come into play when planning your own wedding, as you need to pay for the location and the venue. As a result, you will probably want the most affordable venue, without compromising on catering or location. This might seem like an impossible prospect at first, but at Monument Function Centre, we offer various venues that are not only located in some of the most beautiful areas in and around Gauteng, but also provide cost-effective options for events such as weddings and conferences. Therefore, our venues offer versatility that can be accommodating in various aspects, making them ideal as affordable wedding venues in and around Gauteng.

De Kroon Kamer

This Dutch name directly translates to “The Throne Room”, giving you a strong indication of the intended level of luxury and style of this venue. De Kroon Kamer offers a unique experience with a stunning location and a broad design, giving you the royal treatment and feel of an upmarket venue that is perfect for your wedding day. If you still do not know where to find affordable wedding venues in Gauteng, this is certainly a strong candidate to start with, as it lies on top of a hill that overlooks the city of Pretoria. Surrounded by natural vegetation, this is one of the wedding venues in Gauteng where it will feel like you are getting married in a medieval castle, instead of a plain old church. The rustic style and vibe creates a romantic atmosphere that is perfect for any wedding, delivering on many aspects of that true fairy-tale wedding many girls dream about when they are still young.

De Kroon Kamer features a room capable of serving formal meals for up to 150 guests at a time. There is also more than enough room to enjoy some dancing, which is compulsory at any wedding. This venue also features an old thorn tree that lights up at night to provide a romantic feel for people underneath or around the tree, adding to the overall sense of love and romance throughout the evening. Secure parking for all your guests is also available, with various conference and breakaway rooms that can be adapted to suit your event. In the end, De Kroon Kamer is one of the finest selections of affordable wedding venues in Gauteng, making it a clear and easy choice for where to find the right location and venue for your special day.

Other Options

At Monument Function Centre, we offer other affordable wedding venues in and around Gauteng to choose from. Should you prefer a country manor rather than a rustic style, Villa Paradiso is a perfect candidate that features romantic gardens and accommodation in the form of 60 double room units for your guests. If you want to blow the proverbial roof off and go eccentrically big, the Amphi Hall provides a versatile environment with more than enough rooms and open areas to go bonkers and host a wedding of an enormous scale.

Monument Function Centre is where you can find a proper selection of affordable wedding venues in and around Gauteng, giving you the freedom to prepare and plan everything to perfection. Whether you want a smaller and more intimate setting, or hundreds of people to witness this day, we can cater for both and everything in-between to ensure that your venue is the perfect venue for you. For more information, feel free to peruse our website at your leisure, or contact us directly with any enquiries. We look forward to assisting you with your special day and anything else you might need!
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