What to Ask Before You Book a Wedding Venue

Before the Big Day

Nothing is as special as your wedding day. Although it might take a while to get there, you must be ready for it when the day finally arrives. Once the question has been popped and the answer given, the real work begins. Apart from being engaged and preparing to spend the rest of your life with the person that you love most, you need to get down to actually planning the wedding! If you have been to several weddings before, you will know that there are certain guidelines to what to ask before you book a wedding venue, as the venue is the one key element to having an enjoyable and fun wedding. Even though you might have a special venue in mind already, the programme won’t plan itself and it is always good to ensure that everything goes according to plan. The best way to do that is to know what to ask before you book a wedding venue.

What should I look for in a venue?

For starters, you want to pick a venue and setting that symbolise your wedding day, as it is the place where you will present your vows and commit to the person you love, forever. Your wedding venue will always have a special place in your heart and you will be reminded of it with every photo and video of that amazing day, so you want a setting that is mind-blowing and leaves an everlasting impression on everyone that shared the occasion with you. A stunning example of a scenic and beautiful wedding venue would be Villa Paradiso. Situated at Hartbeespoort, it delivers on stunning vantage points and caters for couples that are interested in having an open-air wedding instead of a traditional church setting, with a chapel on site for those who would rather do it the old-fashioned way. This venue will elevate the atmosphere on your wedding, giving you fantastic backdrops for photo sessions and enough accommodation for all your guests.

What should I ask before I book a venue?

If you know what to ask before you book a wedding venue, you can rest assured that you will have the best wedding you can possibly imagine. First off, you need to get some logistics out of the way. Basic things like where and when the ceremony will take place might seem like obvious questions, but are always good to establish and cast in stone before anything else. Other logistics include the wedding date, and it would be best if you ask the venue manager or coordinator if, firstly, they are available for a certain date and, secondly, what the weather is likely to be like on the day, especially if it is a remote setting. Once you have all the simple things in place, you can go into the details. Obviously, food needs to be priority number two after establishing date, time, and location. Most of the wedding venues have their own caterers to specifically serve events at the venue, and it is very important to comprehensively inspect the catering on offer, as you want food that you and all your guests can enjoy.

Should the venue allow for outsourced catering, it is highly advised to do proper research before hiring a different catering company. With the venue and the food on lockdown, it is time to move on. If you plan to have a destination wedding, you need to ensure proper accommodation for you and all your guests. Once again, wedding venues often give you an extra option that includes accommodation, but it should not stop you from asking the important questions surrounding it. Knowing what is included in accommodation packages, like breakfast the next morning, or the available facilities in the rooms, will certainly help you be informed and know what to expect from the venue’s accommodation services.

These suggestions will get you started in the right direction, knowing that you have asked the right questions before you book a wedding venue. It is critical to ask the right questions, and will lead to you having a blast at your wedding! Should you be interested in booking a venue, contact us at Monument Function Centre today, and feel free to browse our website for more details and images on all the venues we have available.
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