What Makes a Good Conference Centre

Which Factors Contribute to the Right Conference Centre Choice?

The conference venue makes all the difference when it comes to the success of any event. It is what determines whether guests can attend, how many people can be accommodated, how prestigious the event will be and how safe the attendees will feel. Without a venue that has all the facilities needed for the specific event, the conference you plan cannot happen. But, what makes a good conference venue? When you speak to event planners regarding the issue they agree on most aspects of what makes a good conference venue, some of which are briefly noted below.


The location will determine how accessible the venue is. If the attendees are not able to get to the conference in time because they had to navigate through traffic-congested streets, then the proceedings cannot commence, especially if the key speakers are late. Likewise, selecting a conference venue purely based on the romantic setting far from main commerce hubs is fine if only a few attendees are expected. However, for a larger event with both international and local attendees, you will want to keep to the major metropolitan regions. This will enable the attendees to fly in from all over the world, find the venue easily, visit nearby attractions and to conduct other business before or after the conference.

Room Sizes

The venue size matters not just in order to accommodate the number of people, but it should also to cater for small groups. Look for a conference venue that offers several breakaway rooms for discussions, boardroom settings where needed for smaller gatherings, and ample space for large groups. The perfect function centre has a room size for every type of event and according to the number of delegates.

Available Parking

Seemingly unimportant at first glance, parking space is important. Attendees do not want to park their vehicles three or four blocks away from the venue and have to pay additional fees for doing so. A conference venue that has ample free and secure parking on site is certainly preferred over one that does not. Many potential delegates will decide not to attend the event simply because of parking problems associated with the location of the venue. Make sure the venue has parking for coaches as well to cater to larger groups. In addition, you need to ensure that the vehicles will be safe.

Right Ambience

The overall aesthetic appeal of the conference venue is extremely important. It will determine how delegates perceive the quality of the event. Do not compromise for the sake of budget when it comes to creating the perfect setting for important discussions. If you can, select a venue set in natural surroundings with ample space around it. A tranquil environment will help to create a relaxed atmosphere and delegates will appreciate the opportunity to get some fresh air without having to deal with the hustle and bustle of traffic.

On-site Equipment

We live in a modern age and delegates expect that the equipment will be available for emailing, connecting to the Internet, faxing, copying and most important – to discuss the topics at hand. Make sure the venue has the right equipment to host a conference.

Food and Beverage

The quality of the refreshments, presentation thereof, taste, appearance and the availability are important factors when considering the appropriateness of the conference venue. True, the delegates do not attend for the food, but they will break for tea and lunch. During these breaks, they will want to replenish their strength with well-selected dishes, snacks, and drinks. If the catering is good, your delegates will be refreshed and able to fully participate in the next session. Choose a venue that offers excellent catering services on-site and has a proven track record of satisfied clients.

Planners and Staff

Even if you are an experienced events planner at your company, having professional help at hand to ensure that the registration table is ready, the food served at the right time and the necessary equipment is on site will ensure the smooth flow and success of the event. In addition, the staff must be trained to assist with tasks such as equipment setup, service and more. Select a venue offering event coordination services and that has the staff to ensure a seamless event.

Now that you know some of the factors contributing to what makes a good conference venue, compare what we offer and book the venue of choice for your next business event.
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