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Help with Choosing a Great Venue for Your Wedding

Are you engaged, or have an inkling that you might be walking down the aisle soon? Congratulations! This is a time when you get to gather all of your loved ones and put on a massive party to celebrate new beginnings. It is all in celebration of you and your partner tying the knot, and committing to each other for life. But – and unfortunately there always has to be a but – finding the place to host these celebrations is tricky if you do not approach it with something akin to military precision. Trust us, we have seen the dire consequences of bridal parties who left choosing their wedding venues to the last minute many times. This is why we have put together some tried-and-tested tips to help you find and choose the best wedding venue in Pretoria for your wedding.

Set a Tentative Budget

If you do not know how much you can spend, how can you start your search for a wedding venue? Your budget will probably shape the style of venue you are likely to consider. We use the word tentative because, despite brides’ best intentions, we have come to realise that wedding budgets tend to creep. Avoid budget blowout, and decide on a tentative budget with some wiggle room, should it become necessary. Nonetheless, it is still worth deciding what you are happy to spend on your wedding venue, and trying to stick to it as closely as possible, right from the off. When choosing your wedding venue, consider what is included and what is not. Do you still need to hire tables, chairs, cutlery, and crockery? Do not get caught out by surprise costs, and make sure what additional items need to be brought to the venue to arrive at an informed estimate of the actual hire price.

Try to Define Where You Would Like to Get Married

Perhaps you are keen to do a destination wedding. Pretoria has many beautiful wedding venues that show off its natural beauty. If you have many out-of-town guests that will be attending the ceremony, it is a good idea to book a venue that is close to all the major airports, and that is also surrounded by safe, top-quality accommodation providers. It just makes the logistics easier on your guests, who can reach the venue quickly from the airport, sleep over comfortably without having to travel far, and get back to the airport with ease. Keep in mind that the more remote you are, the smaller the pool of local wedding vendors, like bands and florists.

Book Our Wedding Venue in Pretoria for a Magical Ceremony

Your weddings can turn into a magical celebration at our wedding venue. We ensure that each of our wedding ceremonies and receptions are unique. Whether you are after a lavish event or a more intimate gathering, we will ensure that your event is executed flawlessly. Our event planners treat each wedding reception, vow renewal, or formal banquet as a special event, and pay great attention to detail. Our beautiful banquet facility provides the perfect service offering for an unforgettable celebration. Our wedding venue is situated in the Groenkloof Nature Reserve and easy to reach. Host your wedding day with us and make it the most it can be.

What Can You Expect When Hosting Your Wedding at Our Venue in Pretoria?

Part of our popularity as a wedding venue in Pretoria is the fact that we have catering services on the same grounds as the venue. With Monument Restaurant, we take care of every culinary need on the day. We also offer buffet-style meal packages, where your guests can eat as little or as much as they like. Along with these creative catering services, you receive a designated wedding specialist to help you plan your day. You can look forward to enjoying the beautiful backdrop of the Voortrekker Monument Nature Reserve on your big day.

If you would like to learn more about what we do, and how we can help you pull off the beautiful day you have been dreaming of for so many years, then speak to us today. We look forward to hearing from you.
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