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7 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Looking at Wedding Venues in Gauteng

So, you’re getting married! The rings have been bought, the date is set, and now all you need is a wonderful wedding venue. Because Gauteng is so densely populated and is now considered the conferencing capital of Africa, many venues or conference centres also double up as wedding venues. Choosing one that suits your purposes, however, may be challenging. You certainly don’t want to feel as if you are attending a conference or trade show on your wedding day, so you must choose carefully. Luckily there are many wedding venues in Gauteng that are beautiful, exquisite, peaceful, and can provide everything you need to make your day special and romantic. To select the best wedding venue in Gauteng for you, you must ask yourself certain questions first. These would include the following:  
  1. Do I Want A Wedding Venue with Great Views? Gauteng has some wonderful venues that look out over golf courses or lovely gardens. However, if you want something quite unique and special, you want to go for something that provides spectacular views you won’t encounter everyday. The Monument Function Centre, located just below the Voortrekker monument, provides you with sweeping vistas in the foreground, a great view over the sparkling city lights below, and the impressive Voortrekker monument behind you. It doesn’t get better than that! In addition to the views, there are well manicured gardens where guests can relax to take in the views before and during the reception.
  1. Am I Expecting Guests to Fly in From Different Places? If your guest list includes people from faraway places, they will probably be flying into Lanseria- or OR Tambo International Airport…Many Gauteng wedding venues are close to both, and the Monument Function Centre is located a mere 30-minute drive from OR Tambo. This means that guests coming from overseas will be able to reach your wedding without having to travel long distances.
  1. Do I Want Special Photographic Opportunities? Everybody wants their wedding pictures to be wonderful and to go beyond just the ordinary. At the Monument Function Centre, all of the wedding photo opportunities are a photographer’s dream. There are beautiful gardens and incredible views. The monument also provides the perfect backdrop to some unusual yet stunning photographs. Because this venue is set in the centre of a nature reserve, there is no shortage of natural scenery amongst the indigenous flora and fauna, and well-manicured gardens.
  1. What Size Venue Do I Need? Most wedding venues in Gauteng can accommodate either larger or smaller groups, but our function centre can do both. While the function centre can accommodate a large group of guests, seating, and a dance floor, we also have smaller rooms and a restaurant if you choose to have a more intimate affair with a smaller guest list.
  1. Do I Want the Food to Be Heavenly? The catering team at the Monument Function Centre provides delicious food for a wide variety of functions including award dinners, birthdays, celebrations, and weddings. It is one of the most sought-after catering operations in Gauteng. No food preferences or dietary requirements are too difficult to cater for by our experienced team. If you need a truly creative menu that will tingle the taste buds of even the pickiest eaters, consider our catering team.
  1. Do I Want a Themed Wedding? It has become a trend with wedding venues in Gauteng to specialise in weddings with different themes varying from fairy forests to winter wonderlands. At the Monument Function Centre, we have a décor team that will be able to turn your wedding into a special and unique paradise. We have all the flair and creativity to make any theme work, along with a long list of contacts to count on when it comes to specialised décor and other resources. For those who prefer a traditional or cultural wedding, we are happy to make the venue as beautiful as you dreamt it would be.
  1. What Kind of Atmosphere Do I Want at My Wedding? Weddings need a mixture of romance, laughter, and wholeheartedness to become an experience that nobody will forget. While the reception is always wonderful, the actual wedding ceremony is the most important part of the day as this is where the bride and groom promise to bind their lives together. At the Monument Function Centre, we have the perfect solution. The romantic feel of the gardens and surrounding nature, combined with the solid monument in the background, will give you all the factors you need to create the right atmosphere for a perfect wedding!
    If you are looking for one of the most popular (and affordable) wedding venues in Gauteng, contact our banqueting team at the Monument Function Centre today!
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