Wedding Venue in Pretoria

Choosing a Wedding Venue in Pretoria

Planning a wedding can sometimes be stressful as it is a time filled with emotions, planning, and excitement.

The first thing to do is to book a wedding venue in Pretoria. You need to choose a location that is perfect for a wedding, and one that perhaps have a chapel available to you so that you can have your entire event at one venue. You should also consider the distance that your guests need to travel, and try to choose a location that is easily accessible for everyone. The easier the venue is to find, the easier it will be for guests that are new to the area to find their way and reach your wedding safely and on time.

If you are inviting guests that come from out of town, make sure that there are suitable accommodation close by so that they can easily spend the night at a nearby hotel, guesthouse, or lodge after attending your wedding. Some venues have overnight facilities on their premises, so you can enquire about this when you make your booking and allow your guests to stay over if they prefer. Sometimes people come from other parts of the country and spend the night before your wedding in a guesthouse nearby, so consider this too; the evening prior to your wedding is also a popular time for people to check in to their hotel rooms or overnight facilities.

When that has been taken care of, you can now focus on your ceremony and the venue itself. Take a look at the facilities that the venue offer; you might need additional services such as catering equipment, waiting staff, and a customised menu. These are all things that you need to arrange in advance, to make sure that everything is on time and booked for your special day. If you can get these facilities from your venue, it will save you a lot of time and money, as you won’t have to hire multiple suppliers to have everything you need. The more you can get from one location the easier and less stressful it will be, since you don’t have to make appointments with each one to ensure they are on track. So it is always best to find a wedding venue in Pretoria that offers you all the equipment and facilities you need as part of one package.

Finally, if you do not feel up to organising an entire wedding by yourself, make use of a professional wedding planner to assist you. A wedding planner can find your perfect venue, assist you with menu choices, arrange for caterers and the decor arrangements you need, and even supply you with a wedding cake and dress ideas. It is much easier to coordinate with your wedding planner and know that everything will be taken care of. He or she will be able to provide you with great ideas and tips on how to make your wedding unique and enjoyable for all your guests. Your wedding planner can work with the venue, caterers, suppliers, and restaurant staff on your behalf, which will allow you to time that you need to prepare for your big day.

The Monument Function Centre is the perfect wedding venue in Pretoria and it is located at the magnificent Voortrekker Monument. The restaurant will provide you with delicious food choices, and can work out a custom menu of your choice. The venue is large enough to accommodate more than 100 guests with ease and you can even enjoy a dance floor too. With magnificent views of the city, this venue is perfect for any wedding.

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