Wedding Venue in Gauteng

A Historic Choice of Wedding Venue in Gauteng

A wedding is a very significant day in one’s life and it is therefore essential that the memories of this particular day are pleasant and happy.  A great venue can contribute considerably to the happiness of the day and provide great photo opportunities.  It is thus important that the venue has to be chosen with care and be able to provide the bride and groom with all their wedding requirements.

A venue has to be attractive, add a sense of romance, provide great food and have a romantic ambience.  People who are fond of history or like the sense of importance attached to a great building often consider the Monument Restaurant and Function Centre a very suitable wedding venue in Gauteng, as it brings history, beauty, romance and significance to the occasion.

Historic Value

The Monument Restaurant and Function Centre is located in the peaceful nature reserve of the Voortrekker Monument just outside of Pretoria.  This Monument itself is a large, impressive structure built on the top of a hill and it was built in memory of the Voortrekkers who made the long and difficult journey inland to the Transvaal from the Cape Colony in the early to mid-1800s. The journey was particularly arduous and they had to navigate vast mountain ranges, disease, wild animals and skirmishes with local inhabitants during that time, using only the most primitive transport and equipment.

The loss of life was immense during this trek and the bravery of those who made the journey is commemorated in this large monument. It was inaugurated on 16 December 1949 in memory of the Battle of Blood River where a battle was fought between 470 Voortrekkers and an estimated 15 000 – 21 000 Zulus on 16 December 1838 on the banks of the Ncome River.

It has since been declared a national heritage site.  This Monument carries great value for the people of South Africa as it symbolises strength, courage and endurance, which are all values that people aim to embrace in their marriages.  This makes it a particularly suitable backdrop for people looking for a great wedding venue in Gauteng.

Convenient Location

Gauteng is a particularly good location to have a large gathering such as a wedding, as it is located close to two major airports and is easily accessible from all the national roads in South Africa.  The roads are very well-maintained and various public transport facilities, such as the Gautrain system, are available for guests to use.

In addition to this, this area has fantastic weather all year-round and the natural beauty of the cities, such as Pretoria and various suburbs in Johannesburg are breathtaking.  Gauteng claims to be the biggest man-made forest in the world and the streets are leafy and strewn with the vivid lilac of Jacaranda blossoms in the spring, making it a very romantic location for a spring wedding!

As this is such a popular place for both holidaymakers and tourists there is a wide variety of excellent and reasonably priced accommodation options, and there is something to suit just about any taste and budget.  And for those looking for just that bit of extra romance and significance, the Monument Restaurant offers all the natural beauty of the perfect location, combined with the splendour and importance of the monument in the background!

Outstanding Facilities

We regularly host weddings and conferences, and our specialist catering provider, Corne’s Caterers, create scrumptious menus for all our events. We have more than twenty five years of experience and our friendly and well-informed staff members are there to make your event flow smoothly and make it enjoyable for all your guests.

We have a variety of options to choose from and our restaurant can host a function for up to a hundred and eighty guests.  We ensure that your food is delicious and that we provide you with the most attractive and stylish of tableware and accessories to make your day beautiful.  We also provide private rooms for exclusive dining, and we serve a variety of teas and refreshments during the day in our wonderful Tea Garden.

If you are looking for the best wedding venue in Gauteng for your wedding, look no further.  The natural beauty of our restaurant, the outstanding catering, the superb service of our staff and our creative venue décor will provide you with everything you need for a very stylish and memorable wedding.  Leave the wedding jitters behind and choose us as your ideal wedding venue in Gauteng!

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