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Things to Consider Before Booking your Gauteng Wedding Venue

Chances are that you have been dreaming about your big day for many years. You have all of the details planned out, the guest list and the theme, what your dress will look like – but what about the venue? Your wedding venue is one of the most important considerations you will need to make and it will directly impact the success and enjoyment of your big day.

There are a few things that you will need to consider before you book your wedding venue in Gauteng. It is important to be clued up on the venue and to make sure that your decision is the correct one. With all of the excitement and emotion that comes with the early stages of planning a wedding, it is so easy for couples to see one venue, become so excited and simply sign the contract. Make sure that you really choose the right venue with these tips.

Visit the Gauteng Venue at the Time of Day that Your Wedding Will Be

Even though you can visit a wedding venue any time during the week, it is still important to visit it at the exact time of day that your wedding will be held. If you visit the venue at 11am and your wedding is to be held at 5pm, chances are pretty good that you will not get the same view of the venue. It is only logical that you will want to visit the venue at the time that you intend to hold your wedding.

Guest Lists and Venues

Here is a question that many couples ask – should they choose a wedding venue before they have a guest list, or should they have a guest count and then search for the venue? As every bride knows, it is not easy to have a guest list a few weeks into the wedding planning process. However, if you do not have a vague idea of the size of the wedding, you will not be able to choose a wedding conference with confidence. You do not need a firm count before you can start searching for and deciding on a venue, but you will need a general idea.

Decide on the Feel and Style

If you plan on having a traditional wedding, or a contemporary or other themed wedding, this will also be important to decide, before you even start looking for a venue. Whichever venue you decide on, will need to be able to meet your demands and help you to pull off the wedding of your dreams.

At Monument Function Centre, we bring more than 25 years of experience in the hospitality field. Our beautiful wedding venue in Gauteng is available to you on your big day. We have a professional staff on hand who are well-trained and bring many years of experience to each wedding that we host. On-site décor and event management professionals will help to assist you on your special day. Contact Monument Function Centre to learn more about our leading wedding venue in Gauteng.

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