Wedding Anniversary Venues Gauteng

The Perfect Wedding Anniversary Venues in Gauteng

Celebrating a wedding anniversary is like celebrating a birthday. It is rather special, holds celebratory value for the people involved, and definitely deserves a party. There is no doubt that couples who have been married for a very long time have something to celebrate. Milestone wedding anniversaries deserve to be commemorated in style. Being married for 10 years might seem like a long time from an objective point of view, but for a happily married couple, it can fly by rapidly and easily be brushed off as not being a big deal. However, it truly is something worth commemorating.

A wedding anniversary, especially by the time a couple reaches 20 years of marriage, should always be acknowledged as a special occasion seeing as committing to each other for so many years is something that many couples struggle to do. Hitting the 30-year mark of being happily married is a testament to the level of commitment and love a couple has shared over the years and should be celebrated accordingly. No matter how far the married couple have progressed in their lives, celebrating a wedding anniversary should always be a priority. While smaller anniversaries are often celebrated alone by the couple, milestones deserve a party with family and friends.

The first step in planning an event for a major wedding anniversary will involve getting the ideal location for the event. This is where Monument Function Centre can offer the best solution with a selection of wedding anniversary venues in Gauteng that can be ideal for the special occasion. As with planning any other event, the location of the venue is very important to ensure that every guest can make it to the event without having to worry about transport or accommodation. We have highlighted some of our venues below that can be perfect for celebrating wedding anniversaries in Gauteng, allowing you to not only plan your ideal event, but to also take advantage of the location and setting of these stunning locations.


The Blikkantien venue is situated at the foot of the Voortrekker Monument in a historically rich environment, which is perfect for the nostalgic trip down memory lane the married couples, along with their friends and family will take. If you are looking for wedding anniversary venues in Gauteng that can guarantee a celebratory atmosphere with a hint of romance, the Blikkantien venue is ideal. The old traditional look can help revive the memories of your wedding. The stunning surroundings of the venue with its lush gardens and aesthetic appeal provides great photo opportunities for your event. We can accommodate up to 200 people in our Blikkantien venue and there is a tea garden that can be used and enjoyed throughout the course of your special occasion. A comprehensive approach makes this venue ideal for various occasions, such as wedding anniversaries, corporate events, and conferences. We also have private rooms to ensure that you have enough space and privacy to host a successful event.

Monument Restaurant

The Monument Restaurant is an ideal place to celebrate a wedding anniversary as it offers a unique and special experience for guests and is easy to reach from anywhere in Gauteng. Another benefit to choosing this venue is that it is not located inside a loud shopping mall or next to a busy intersection. The Monument Restaurant offers guests an escape from the constant noise and hustle of the city life in many parts of Gauteng, thereby providing peace and tranquillity. Breaking away to a more serene place can be good for the soul and provide the perfect atmosphere for a private function. Set within a beautiful natural setting at the foot of the Voortrekker Monument, the Monument Restaurant can play host to a variety of corporate or private events, and also grants an enjoyable and safe environment for everyone attending.

For peace of mind and to ensure a successful event, consider Monument Function Centre. We provide solutions to any issues you might have with venues around Gauteng when planning your wedding anniversary, corporate function, or conference. For more information, feel free to peruse our website for details and images of the venues, or contact us directly for further enquiries or booking information.
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