Unique Wedding Venues Pretoria

The Unique Wedding

When talking about weddings, and how special they are, people will always want their wedding to be unique in every single way. A big part of any wedding is the location. Not all of us can afford a beach wedding on the shores of Mauritius, but that does not mean that we are lacking some truly unique wedding venues in Pretoria either. Although the people organising your wedding will always be full of smart ideas about where you should get married, choosing the final location should, in the end, be up to you and your intended spouse. So, let us talk location for your wedding!

What Creates the Right Atmosphere?

Apart from the right music, food, drinks, and people, you would also want the perfect wedding venue for the perfect atmosphere. If you are living in or near Pretoria, you are in luck. Even though we have created an urban jungle in the middle of the Bushveld, we still have venues that highlight some of the most breathtaking scenes nature has provided us, and these venues can be ideal for your wedding! Keeping in mind that you would need to visit these venues to get a better understanding of the layout and feel before deciding on which one you would like to use for your wedding, we can start off with the basics surrounding these venues and what you can expect from each one.

De Kroon Kamer

Roughly translated from Dutch, De Kroon Kamer refers to the crown room – a symbolic reference to royalty and being treated in the same manner. Right off the bat, the name is very appealing. We all would like to be treated like royalty on our wedding day, and this sounds like just the venue to do it. Apart from the name, this venue offers a marvellous view of the city from atop a hill. Hidden among some natural vegetation, you and your 150 guests will get an atmosphere like none other can provide. With the city lights providing a stunning romantic backdrop at night, you will not be disappointed with the results when the evening comes to an end and you are left admiring the view with the person you love. Feel the romance in the air with this wonderful wedding venue, and feel how royalty is treated on your own wedding day!


For a more traditional feel, Blikkantien is for you. Situated at the foot of the Voortrekker Monument, this venue is ideal for your wedding, providing an atmosphere that suites traditional and cultural folk perfectly. If you are in search of a venue that can provide delicious food, and cater for up to 200 guests, Blikkantien is the ideal venue. This venue also offers a tea garden, perfect for a morning spent there to get a proper feel of the place before your final wedding venue decision. If you love visiting Ouma on the farm, and cannot wait for the bell to ring for dinner when you are there, this might prove to be exactly what you have been looking for!

How do I Pick the Right Date?

Looking at both these unique wedding venues in Pretoria, picking the right date for your wedding might be easier than expected. De Kroon Kamer offers a wide view of the city, so you would probably want to pick a date that is free of any cloud cover or rain to enjoy this spectacular view to its fullest. It will also provide a beautiful backdrop to the city when the sky fills up with stars in the night, as you will be on the top of a hill. It might be colder in the winter when it does not rain in Pretoria, but the results would be worth it. Blikkantien offers a somewhat more cosy feel, and would be magical if the weather outside plays along with the atmosphere inside. There are people who love to listen to the rain falling, finding it very romantic and perfect for a cosy atmosphere inside, especially if the rain stops when night falls, and fills the night with the familiar fresh smell after rain.

If you are interested in booking one of these venues, or looking for other unique wedding venues in Pretoria for your wedding, contact us at Monument Function Centre and we will take care of everything you need to make your wedding day unforgettable.
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