Team Building Venues Pretoria

Looking for Team Building Venues in Pretoria?

Team building is an essential part of any company as it allows employees and employers to create connections with each other as well as teaching the importance of teamwork. Working as a team is one of the most important aspects of any company. Teams can accomplish more than what only one person can. There are many ways to get your employees to work as a team, but one of the best ways is to host a team building event.

Team building venues in Pretoria is a popular choice for many companies in this business district as well as surrounding areas. Pretoria is one of the biggest central business districts in South Africa and for good reason. With a rich history behind it, and many key industries operating out of it, Pretoria has all the essential amenities for a business to thrive in.


Pretoria is also a central city that is easily accessible from all surrounding areas, which is why there are so many overseas businesses that also host meetings as well as team building holidays and events in the Jacaranda City – the name it lovingly referred to. If you are looking for team building venues in Pretoria, there are number of things that you have to consider before selecting the venue for your team building event.


It is not necessary for you to pay an arm and a leg for a venue, but you also do not want your employees to think that you are choosing cheap venues because you don’t really care much for them. You need to search for a venue that has the best price as well as the most to amenities to offer for the price. The second most important area of concern and point to consider is location. You will need to bear in mind that not all of your employees stay close to work, and therefore might not live in Pretoria. The venue will need to be easily accessible form most high ways in Gauteng. Through this, you can be sure that all your employees can find the venue easily and it is not too far out of their way.


At the Monument Function and Conference Centre, restaurant and team building venue in Pretoria we have all of the above and more to offer you and your employees. Our venue offers you space, conference room facilities, a hotel as well as a restaurant amenities for you and your employees. Our friendly staff will ensure that your event is executed without a hitch. We are proud of our team building facilities and amenities and our events coordinator will help you to pull off the best team building event to date.


Our restaurant can accommodate more than a hundred people and you can custom select the menu to be served. This is just another way in which we endeavour to go out of our way to ensure that the event takes place as close to the way you envisioned it originally as possible. We look forward to welcoming you to Monument Function Centre in the beautiful Jacaranda City.

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