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Most people who work at a medium to large sized corporate business have at some stage taken part in some sort of team building exercises or activities.  Often, the attendees are not sure of the actual objectives of these activities, and it is important that the exercises are managed well and that valuable feedback is given to the participants, in order for the team building exercises to be effective.  Other factors also contribute to the success of the exercise, such as the location and facilities at the team building venue.  Pretoria provides ample team building venues and is a great location for any event.

Why is Team Building Important?

Team building exercises are aimed at making your organisation or team work better together.  The best assets in any organisation are the employees, and the success of the business depends on the productivity of the staff.  Individuals are often required to work in tandem with other people and often, one person will work harder than others, while their efforts go by completely unnoticed.  Ideally, every member in the team should contribute on the same level, and team members should be able to enjoy the support of other team members when needed.  This, however, is not always what happens.

In order to bring individuals in the company closer to their teams and increase their levels of productivity, it is often necessary for them to actively engage in teambuilding exercises that give employees functional and practical tools for working with other people, to form a highly functional team.  The most important factor of team building exercises is to develop work groups that are cohesive, and teams that are made up of individuals that communicate effectively and respect each other, as well as to recognise the interdependencies inside the team and the resources. It is also essential that every individual in the team understands the role that they play in the team and that they are able to apply themselves to achieve a common goal.

Important Factors for Effective Team Building

Effective instructors:  It is crucial to find professionals who specialise in the facilitation of team building exercises and activities.  People who are trained to carry out this function are able to understand the process behind the activities, recognise different dynamics and give effective feedback about it.

Safety:  Regardless of the activity, employees have to stay safe.  Often, team building exercises include high energy sports, such as river rafting, and it is essential that all measures are taken to ensure their safety.  When any high risk activity forms part of team building, it is essential that only professional instructors who have ample experience in that activity are used for the facilitation.

Venue:  The venue can make or break a team building experience.  It is crucial that those who have to travel long distances are able to reach the location without too much hassle, and it is often best to go for a team building venue in Pretoria or Gauteng, in order to remain close to all the major transportation routes by air, rail or vehicle.  The facilities and staff have to be professional, and suitable space and/or meeting rooms have to be available to effectively carry out the exercises.  The catering has to be of a high standard and refreshments must be available, as well as medical assistance and rest facilities.  Often, team building is quite physical and energetic, and a space to relax and cool down could be important on hot days.

How Monument Function Centre Can Help

If you are looking for a beautiful location or team building venue in Pretoria or the surrounds, you cannot go wrong with us, at Monument Function Centre.  We provide all of the space, facilities and services that you will need for effective team building.  We have large outdoor and indoor areas for movement, and our breakaway rooms are great for smaller team building groups and less physical exercise.  Our rooms are air conditioned to keep the temperature ambient all day, and our expert catering team ensures that everybody enjoys tasty food.  We have a range of function rooms and rest areas available for team building.  We are located in a nature reserve on the hill adjoining the Voortrekker Monument, and our view includes a sweeping vista of the city below, with the monument as a backdrop.

Call our helpful and friendly team today to find out more about our team building venue in Pretoria!

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