Team Building Functions

How Team Building Functions Can Benefit Your Business

It is human nature to want to feel appreciated and worthy, and it is a desire that is experienced in every sphere of life. In the corporate world, an employee’s job satisfaction is important if you want your business to be a success in the long term. Employees need to feel needed and appreciated in order to be happy in their position and team building functions is one way to promote these particular feelings.

Team building can be used to nurture the relationship between management members and the workforce. Keeping team building functions fun is essential, and it is advised that energetic and motivational activities are investigated. Most team building venues will offer all-inclusive packages where fun activities, venue hire and refreshments are included. This is the ideal situation if you don’t want to piece together the entire day yourself.

There are many advantages of hosting team building functions for your business. One of which is being able to get to know the individuals who are working as part of your team. Key objectives of team building activities are to promote leadership skills, improve communication and motivate the company team members. During these types of gatherings, employees can be praised and rewarded for their participation and what they bring to the table, which will keep them feeling appreciated and motivated to try harder and achieve more.

How exactly can strategically planned team building functions benefit your business infrastructure? Team building will draw your team members closer and leave them feeling refreshed, energised and excited to start the next chapter. Both large and small successful companies host such events at least once a year – it provides the staff complement with something to look forward to. Below we have compiled a few reasons why we think you should consider hosting a team building function:
  • Improves communication between team members and helps each member understand the other’s communication styles a little better.
  • Provides the perfect opportunity for management and employees to get to know each other on a more personal level.
  • Enhances leadership skills and boosts team camaraderie and morale, which can really help to improve productivity on all levels.
  • Rewards and recognition motivate employees to try harder and achieve greater goals.
  • Promotes a better working environment where employees can work together comfortably.
  • Strengthens problem solving skills and uncovers the strengths and weaknesses of each team member.
  • Improves long-term goals and objectives and helps to improve on company policies.

These are just a few of the ways in which you can benefit from team building functions. Of course, there are many more benefits to be considered and the positive effects of hosting team building functions are certainly long lasting.

If you would like to host a team building event, the first thing to do is find a venue that can cater to your needs. Venues typically have capacity limits, so know the size of your group before you shop around. At Monument Function Centre, we are able to host events of up to 2 000 delegates. Our venue and facilities are geared towards hosting any type of gathering and our co-ordinator will happily assist you with arranging team building activities for your group. We have various conference rooms, function rooms, breakaway rooms and a restaurant for you to make use of, and our staff members in attendance will certainly be friendly and approachable at all times. Making your function or gathering a fun and memorable one is the main focus of each of our team members.

Monument Function Centre is located within the Voortrekker Monument nature reserve, which ensures a peaceful surrounding to enjoy activities. We are close enough to the hub of Pretoria to make us the ideal venue for all types of gatherings and we welcome groups of all sizes to spend the day with us.

When considering team building functions to promote the success of your business, take the time to contact us at Monument Function Centre. We have everything you need to host a successful team building event that will take your business and its productivity to new heights. We are available via email or telephone to discuss your needs and requirements.
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