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Find the Best Team Building Function Venues in Pretoria

The novelty of team building has certainly not dwindled over the years. Companies that discovered the positive aspects and results of such events have been reaping the rewards. Hosting a team building event can do wonders for the moral and motivation of your businesses teams. Finding the ideal team building function venues to host such an event is essential. Team building is something that has been helping to transform companies and their teams for many years now. Both big and small companies can benefit from team building and if correctly organised, it can be something that the company looks forward to on an annual basis.

While we all know that team building can be advantageous to all companies, what can it really do for your business and staff members? Some of the top benefits of team building activities include:
  • Boosting team morale and ensuring that employees are always striving to accomplish more and reach new goals.
  • Creating a sense of togetherness with team members, as they get to know each other and socialise on a more personal and casual level.
  • Uncovers team members’ strengths and weaknesses, and helps each teammate understand the other’s role and importance to the team.
  • Promotes better relationships between management personnel and the general workforce.
  • Provides a fun and entertaining activity that makes management teams more “human” to their teams.
  • Creates respect and mutual understanding between team members.
  • Promotes problem solving skills development.
  • Promotes quick thinking.

If these are the types of benefits that you want for your business, it’s time to think about team building. To achieve this, you will need to set activities or motivational talks in place for your team members to attend. Most companies host such events at external venues. At Monument Function Centre in Pretoria, we have the ideal venues for hosting your team building function. Unlike many other team building function venues in the area, we can cater to large gatherings of up to 2 000 delegates. Our facilities are designed to handle functions of all types and sizes, and you will find that it is well equipped and well appointed. Our various rooms and function halls are designed for comfort, and each is fully equipped to suit a variety of needs.

When it comes to team building, we can arrange everything that you need for you. In fact, our dedicated function co-ordinator can work closely with you to ensure that every aspect of your event is thought of and properly planned. Nothing can be more frustrating than attending an event that is poorly planned, and with the help of our team at Monument Function Centre, this is just not possible. Whether you are hosting a half-day or full-day event, we have a variety of package options to suit your needs and budget.

There are many things that must be thought of before you can decide where to host your team building function and what should be included. Taking the time and effort to think over a few of the details before you begin planning is certainly advised. A few things that you should consider when planning a team building event include the following:
  • When will the event be hosted? It is often best to host the event during business hours. If you want to travel away, perhaps hosting it over a weekend is best.
  • How big will the group be?
  • What is the available budget for such an event?
  • Will you require refreshments to be included in your package?
  • Is group transport required?
  • Does the group have any special needs that might affect the group participation? Are any of the team members very old or disabled? This can often affect what activities are viable.

When looking for team building function venues in Pretoria to host your event, take the time to investigate what we have to offer at Monument Function Centre. With our ideal location, exceptional facilities and various package options to choose from, we are just the venue to assist you. Contact us via email or telephone to further discuss your needs or to book your team building event with us today. We look forward to hearing from you!
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