Pretoria Conference Venues

Your Conference Venue Says a Lot More About Your Company Than You Realise

What does a conference venue say about your business? Aside from letting attendees know that you place value in the image of your company, it also speaks to the value that you put into the appearance your business projects to the outside world. When organising a conference, or any event for that matter, you are confronted with many decisions. However, few decisions are as important as deciding where to host your event.   Critical planning information, such as the date for the event, is dependent on the venue that you choose, and will also impact the success of the day. For many companies, making this choice can be daunting, as is knowing what to look for in a conference venue in Pretoria. Before you come to any type of decision, there are a few things that you need to have a thorough understanding of, including:  
  • The type of event that you will be hosting, e.g. formal, high-tech, etc.
  • Number of expected attendees to the event.
  • The budget you have available.
Once you have a more complete idea of these three aspects, you can give more consideration for your search of a venue. It is always advisable to have the venue booked and confirmed some months ahead of the event. This ensures that you have the date of your event set in stone, and you can start sending out invitations way ahead of time. It also provides you with ample opportunity to market your event and get those RSVPs in.

What Will Impact Your Conference Venue Decision?

One of the first things that you learn when searching for conference venues in Pretoria is flexibility. As a cost-conscious organiser, being flexible on the date can be an excellent negotiation tool, as certain days of the week and months in the year cost less. By keeping the venue cost down, it also allows you more room in your budget for entertainment and food and beverages.

The ambience of the venue will also greatly impact your ultimate choice of venue. In this regard, you need to pay special attention to the existing décor inside the venue. What style of architecture does the building convey, and what mood does its interior give off? The less the ambiance matches the required feeling of your intended event (high-tech, upscale, etc.) the more decorating you will need to do to make up for it.

These are only a few of the things to keep in mind when searching for a conference venue for your business. Many people are actually surprised to learn of the importance of the venue in relation to the actual success of their conference or event. Make sure that you choose the best venue in Pretoria for your conference and contact Monument Function Centre to learn more about our beautiful facilities.

Modern Conference Facilities in the Heart of Pretoria

At Monument Function Centre, we are proud of our industry-leading and renowned venues in Pretoria. Whether you are looking for a conference venue, a venue for your wedding, or your next teambuilding and outdoor function location, we have facilities that can cater up to 2 000 delegates. We make it easy to book, secure and confirm your next venue, where attendees can find our centrally located facilities with ease.

We have different event venues, conference rooms and country manors available for hire. Of course, which one is fit for your event will depend on many unique aspects and requirements. It’s because of this that we have a dedicated team of reservationists who are ready to assess your needs and make appropriate recommendations based on your requirements.

The Manschappen Conference Room at Monument Function Centre

Whether you are looking for a small and intimate venue for your dedicated management team, or in need of a larger venue able to accommodate more attendees, we have the venue that you need to bring your vision to life. Our Manschappen conference room provides the tranquil surroundings at the Voortrekker Monument Nature Reserve.

It offers the perfect backdrop to your out-of-office conference and training needs, with 6 available conference rooms and a fully equipped boardroom with a 45-person boardroom seating style. We look forward to welcoming you to our beautiful conference facilities and helping you to pull off a successful, memorable event that will do your business and brand justice.
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