Pretoria Conference Venues

What to Consider When Shopping Around for the Best Pretoria Conference Venues

Do you have an upcoming conference that you need to plan for? If you are shopping around for Pretoria conference venues, you have come to just the right place. With a wealth of venue options for you to choose from, we at Monument Function Centre look forward to assisting you with your next event or gathering.

Before we take a look at our venues, let’s take a closer look at how you can make your conference an undeniable success. Conferences aren’t easy to plan and coordinate. There is a lot that must be considered and if you aren’t meticulous about the arrangements, you could find that things are a little difficult on the actual day. Conferences are much like other functions and events. While the purpose of the gathering might be business related, the delegates and guests still need to be kept comfortable and happy, in order for it to be considered a success.

One of the first things that you will need to do when organising your conference is to choose a date that all delegates will find convenient. Try to give enough lead time for delegates to check their schedules and prepare for the gathering. Last minute conferences are very often poorly attended and that can mean a financial loss for your business. Check with the various function centres in Pretoria if they have availability for the date that you have in mind, and then make sure that the venue’s location is not too far out of the way for delegates and is in fact easy to access.

Most Pretoria conference venues will have an event organiser or conference coordinator available to assist with reservations and setting everything up. Make sure that you meet with the coordinator to ensure that you will be able to work together. Find out if the coordinator has a conference planning check list or similar to offer you, so that you can work off it. Having a list of the venue’s facilities will also be a great help.

Remember that breakaway rooms and catering are important aspects too. Choose a venue that has various social areas for delegates to relax and unwind in. Conferences are typically held over several hours or even days and it is important that guests can have some time to relax, refresh their minds and mingle with other delegates. When it comes to catering, you will need to provide refreshments and snacks, or even meals for the duration of the conference. Choose menu options that are healthy, fresh and revitalising, if you want your delegates to feel well catered to. A top conference venue will be able to provide you with various options to choose from.

Safety and security is also an important aspect. Your delegates will want to feel safe for the duration of the contract, so look into the venue’s security features. Where will cars be parked? Are there car guards available? Is the property securely fenced? Is the location safe in general? You can gather all of these details from the conference coordinator or front desk in most situations.

At Monument Function Centre, we are unlike other Pretoria conference venues. We offer our clients a wealth of conference venue options to choose from and we ensure that absolutely everything is included, from the setting up of seating arrangements, to the catering and service of meals and snacks. Our facilities are well equipped with everything that you could possibly need for a conference, including conference equipment and services for printing, internet access and audio-visual equipment. We have 6 venues for you to choose from that can cater to any sized conference from 10 delegates to 2 000 delegates. Simply let us know the size of your function and what your requirements are, and we will present you with a variety of viable options to consider.

If you are shopping around for the best Pretoria conference venues to choose from, come and discover what we have to offer at Monument Function Centre. Here you will find a variety of venue options that are designed to cater to absolutely every requirement that you have. Take the time to get in touch with us at Monument Function Centre. We are available via email or telephone to attend to your requests and queries.
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