Pretoria Conference Facilities

Going International

With national and international conferences growing in popularity on a yearly basis, people all around the world take the time out of their busy schedules to attend these events, with some of them travelling halfway across the world and enjoying the full experience of it all. Academic conferences are probably the most common, and usually offer a package deal, including accommodation, food, and tours outside the event, to showcase the country and area.

Pretoria is one of the best cities in the world to live in – being one of the most multi-faceted and widely accessible areas in South Africa. You can enjoy the concrete jungle or escape to the pure beauty of the Bushveld, with all the first-world luxuries at your disposal. Looking at everything our wonderful city has on offer, it makes a viable case for hosting an international conference. All that you need is ideal conference facilities in Pretoria. This is where Monument Function Centre can lend a helping hand.

Manschappen Conference Facility

Roughly translated from Dutch, “manschappen” is a word that refers to your working force or personnel in mostly a military sense. Out of all the Pretoria conference facilities, Manschappen is probably the most comprehensively equipped of all. Situated within the breathtaking surroundings of the Voortrekker Monument Nature Reserve, this venue offers a perfect backdrop for any conference.

The purpose-built conference centre consists of six conference rooms and a main boardroom. This venue also offers a conference coordinator who will assist you in taking care of everything you need from the wide selection of services and the various options available. When booking this beautiful facility for a conference in Pretoria, you have the option of opting for the Conference Package, which includes most of the services you would expect. The standard equipment included in the Conference Package starts off with flip charts, overhead projectors, and screens – essential equipment for presentations. A private LAN and Wi-Fi network will ensure that the presenters can access the Internet as an optional extra, to give them access to YouTube videos and other handy online resources. Seating arrangements in the rooms will accommodate your preferences and requirements, giving you less to worry about between sessions.

A registration table is available where your staff can greet all the people attending your conference, and it can serve as an information booth as well. The breakaway rooms can be employed as a means of creating resting areas between sessions, with water and mints available as well. A variety of other services and optional extras are also available at an additional cost, and can make your planning a little easier. These optional extras include access to lapels and cordless microphones, with a data projector and a recording system available as well to complete the full package for the presenters. In addition, you can get video conferencing equipment to open the sessions for people who cannot physically attend, but are still interested in the presentations.

If you plan to have outdoor activities for all the people attending, there are some wonderful options that will highlight the best of Pretoria. Horse riding, hot-air ballooning, abseiling, and rock-climbing will entertain the adventurous, while city tours, art galleries, open markets, and the zoo can serve as a fascinating afternoon and evening out. Furthermore, the Lapa @ Schanskop offers facilities for a bosbraai and a lekker kuier at sunset. The outdoor amphitheatre at Schanskop can also provide endless entertainment for the evening programmes – capable of hosting live music for all the people attending.

When it comes to Pretoria conference facilities, nothing quite compares to Manschappen and everything it offers. If you want to elevate your next conference to an international level, choose Monument Function Centre to assist you with everything you may need from a venue like Manschappen. Apart from conference facilities, we offer other services as well. Not only can we assist you with preparing and planning for an event, but we can also help you with finding the ideal venue – whether you are planning a wedding or an anniversary party.

If you want more information on our services and the venues we have on offer, feel free to browse our website for further details and images. Contact us today, and we will ensure that your event planning gets much simpler and easier in the future!
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