Park Acoustics Pretoria

Park Acoustics in Pretoria – Not Just Another Open-air Concert

It may not threaten the record of the legendary events of 1969 that rocked the world at New York’s Woodstock venue but, nevertheless, Park Acoustics is destined to rank among the very best musical entertainment that the city of Pretoria has to offer.

Furthermore it is also an event whose popularity is continuing to grow at an astounding rate.

Before one even takes into account the exceptional standard of entertainment that has become the hallmark of this modern musical happening, the location alone in which the concert takes place is one that is guaranteed to impress everyone who may be privileged to attend. It would be hard to imagine a better setting in which to be royally entertained than in the grounds of the iconic Voortrekker Monument, a location widely and quite justifiably thought of by many South Africa’s as one of the nation’s foremost National Parks.

Thankfully, unlike the epoch-making occasion that became known simply as Woodstock, the concerts that are conducted in this park, though certainly memorable, are not just a once in a lifetime or even an annual event. Quite the contrary, in fact as, since they were first introduced, they have assumed the status of an eagerly awaited day out that regularly leaves a huge number of music fans simply wishing for  the last Sunday in each month.

The monthly gathering takes place in the grounds of Fort Schanskop, just a five-minute bus ride from the foot of the hill that shares its last name. Within its walls a crowd of some 2000 people now meet to socialise and to enjoy the Park Acoustics experience at this unique and historic venue with its breath-taking views of nearby Pretoria – known affectionately by many South Africans as the Jacaranda City.

The fort, which is of German design and construction, was erected in 1897 and was one of eight, a figure later reduced to four and that were originally intended to protect the city from the threat of attack by the British. Today the open, pentagonal design combined with its strategic positioning has endowed the Schanskop structure with the qualities of a natural auditorium and made it a perfect location at which to hold these popular musical performances.

Today, though it still retains much of its character it offers a number of added facilities that have proved necessary to meet the demands of these large and regular events. The additions include a bar, a food stall, a stand from which to purchase some event-related merchandise, a clothing store, an art gallery and a pristine ablution block.

The gatherings encourage an informal atmosphere in which the fans and their talented entertainers can mingle freely and interact with one another as they wish. It is apparently a formula that works as both audience and performers return regularly to enjoy Park Acoustics and the Pretoria skyline.

As these events have evolved, their reputation has spread further afield and they now look set to attract not just the cream of our local musicians but some impressive names listed among the ranks of the international scene also. In fact, the potential to attract overseas talent is no longer simply a matter for conjecture and this was clearly demonstrated not too long ago when, the well-known group KONGOS thrilled a record crowd of local fans with their epic performance.

While two thousand attendees may not sound like a lot, these events manage to attract that number every month and could quite possibly do so even more often. You do not, however, need to be a devotee of pop or rock and roll to enjoy a day out at The Monument centre.  Instead you might prefer to just grab a picnic basket and admire the panoramic views of the Capital, Centurion and distant Johannesburg and the spectacular sunsets are unique to this Park Acoustics site near Pretoria’s CBD.

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