Outdoor Function Venues in Pretoria

How Outdoor Function Venues in Pretoria Can Boost the Success of Your Conference

Most of us have spent time attending conferences of some sort, and usually they take place indoors. There are usually a lot of presentations and discussions, and after a while, a person can feel tired. Even during the breaks, people are usually confined indoors, and while this does provide brief respite, it is definitely not as effective as taking a break outside, or even conducting a part of the conference outdoors.

Spending some time outdoors during a conference have some great benefits. Team-building exercises are typically done outdoors, because space is needed, but conferences often lack outdoor time – not only because there is no space outside, but also because the facilities are usually aimed at indoor use. The fact is that going outdoors can creatively stimulate people on a whole new level, and this is why outdoor function venues in Pretoria can create an environment in which your conference delegates can contribute or enjoy your function in a whole different manner. If you want your conference to be an all-round success, you simply have to incorporate some time outdoors to provide them with an experience that will be memorable and exciting.

Team Building at Outdoor Function Venues in Pretoria

Team building typically takes up space, and they are often done outdoors. This is because there is more space and fewer restrictions when it comes to the movement of the people doing the activities. Challenges are easier to deal with and people love to spend time away from the confinement of four walls. You can encourage your delegates to have a great time while formulating new strategies to work as a unit and solve complicated problems together. This improves their problem-solving skills and helps them communicate on a much more functional level. Even if you only go outside during breaks, you will find that the change in environment revitalises and invigorates the delegates, and it becomes so much more than just the usual indoor conference or team-building exercise.

When people are stimulated and motivated by their environment, the lessons they learn during this time are more effective and more memorable. This is why it is essential for any conference organiser in Pretoria to find outdoor function venues in the vicinity that can accommodate outdoor team-building activities and exercises. If, however, no outdoor activities can be incorporated into the programme (which is commonplace for conferences and meetings), the outdoors can wait until afterwards. Being able to step outside of a stuffy room into the fresh air can promote the relaxation and rest that the delegates need between sessions. The atmosphere outside, the sunset, being able to sit in a wonderful natural setting and sipping a cocktail at one of the best outdoor function venues in Pretoria can be a wonderful experience and encourage your team members to bond better over some refreshments.

How Monument Function Centre Can Help

We are considered one of the best outdoor function venues in Pretoria. Not only do we have all the indoor facilities you need for a successful conference, but we are ideally situated to provide you with ample outdoor opportunities as well. We host regular outdoor team-building exercises and our landscaped gardens and natural surroundings are ideal for your delegates to enjoy. We pride ourselves on keeping our landscaping in perfect order, and while we provide very modern and comfortable indoor conferencing facilities, we are one of the most sough-after outdoor function venues in Pretoria, thanks to our location and the beauty of our surroundings.

Situated just next to the Voortrekker Monument in Pretoria, we are hard to miss, and because we are located in a natural, protected environment, your delegates can enjoy the beauty of indigenous fauna and flora during your event or conference. Our conference facilities and catering skills are second to none, and we would love to welcome our clients to take advantage of our beautiful natural setting. Because we are one of the most desirable outdoor function venues in Pretoria, we love to host events that celebrate the outdoors and we do our best to accommodate any kind of team event that would bring your employees closer together.

Please contact our team at Monument Function Centre in Pretoria for more information about outdoor functions venues.
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