Modern Conference Centres in Pretoria

Conference Planning Tips for Event Hosting in Pretoria – the Importance of Venue Selection

Hosting even a small seminar requires meticulous planning. When it comes to a full-scale conference, it is essential to plan months ahead. Of course, you may already know exactly what goes into conference planning and that may be the reason why you are looking for modern conference centres in Pretoria. However, it pays to be extra attentive. Below are some of the key points to consider in the selection of the event venue – whether it is for a smaller seminar or a large convention – and factors that will affect the success of your event.

Three Main Factors to Consider:
  1. What is your total budget?
  2. How many guests do you expect will attend?
  3. What type of event is it?

Once you have answered these questions, you will be able to find a suitable conference centre in Pretoria. Note that there is no need to compromise on facilities, irrespective of the event type. As such, the venue can have a rustic or country feel, but it must still have modern facilities such as neat restrooms, proper lighting and audio-visual equipment, Internet connectivity, and power points.

When to Book the Venue

Marketing also takes time. This means that if you want to reach your attendance goal, you should start marketing at least six months ahead of the conference. With this in mind, it also makes sense to book the event venue six months in advance. This will ensure that the event date is set and will give you a deadline for completion of the project.

When to Start Looking for the Venue

Conference centres are often fully booked months in advance. With the venue search being time-consuming, it means that you should prioritise finding the right venue. Of course, booking a venue at the Monument Function Centre in Pretoria makes the most sense, since the venue offers several conference and event centres of various sizes.

How to Choose the Venue

Keeping costs low means having more funds available to spend on the menu, VIP accommodation, and equipment. However, compromising on quality for the sake of budget is risky. Rather select a venue that is affordable, but with no compromises on quality. Again, we can recommend the Monument Function Centre. Being more flexible when it comes to the final date of the conference can help you get better pricing as well, since the specific days of the week that you want to host the event can also affect the price.

Apart from budget, the most important keyword in venue selection is location. You need a venue in Pretoria that is easy to reach from the main routes leading to and from freeways and within reasonable distance from accommodation. Consider whether most of the attendees will be from other towns or from Pretoria. In case of the latter, suitable accommodation nearby will not be that important. If not, you will have to create a list of accommodation options nearby, with contact numbers and availability. Send out the information along with invitations.

Help the attendees to get as much as possible information about the conference, the venue, attractions, travel distances, and accommodation. You can post the information as part of the event invitations, on social media, and at the website.

Though ambience is certainly more important when for a wedding ceremony than for a conference, having the right atmosphere for the event is essential. Look at factors such as the architecture, décor, overall style of the conference centre, and neatness. You would have to book a venue at a conference centre that offers several styles and room sizes to cater to your particular ambience preferences.

Next, consider the facilities and services offered. Do they have experienced on-site caterers? Is there a catering kitchen? How many parking bays are available? How many staff members can assist? What equipment is available? Does the venue offer outside relaxation areas? What attractions can be visited? Which types of relaxation activities can be offered? Are there breakaway rooms for group discussions?

You will find that the Monument Function Centre has modern facilities, superb attractions and various relaxation activities that can be enjoyed nearby. Indeed, it is one of the modern function centres that meets every conference centre requirement.
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