Luxury Conference Venue Pretoria

How to Choose Luxury Conference Venues in Pretoria

A few tips are shared on how to choose the ideal venue among the many luxury conference venues in Pretoria.

When browsing for a conference venue keep your budget in mind and also consider who will be attending and whether the attendees all come from Pretoria. If attendees from other cities are also expected you’ll need to make accommodation arrangements as well. Ask the questions listed below when browsing for suitable venues.


  • Is the venue luxurious enough for an up-market corporate event?
  • Does the venue fall within the theme setting?
  • Will the target audience be comfortable at the location and appreciate the setting?

Registration and Booking Tariffs

  • When is the deposit required?
  • How much is the deposit?
  • Are the tariffs within your event budget limits?
  • Can you negotiate discounts?
  • What are the additional charges for extra equipment?
  • When is the balance of payment required?
  • What are the cancellation fees and or requirements?


  • How accessible is the venue from main routes?
  • Are there other activities that can be enjoyed at the same location?
  • Is the setting versatile enough to cater for music/ballroom/meeting/seminar/conference?
  • Is the location tranquil enough to minimise the risk of noise affecting the experience?
  • Are there nearby accommodation establishments such as hotels or guesthouses?

Safety & Security

  • Is access control in place to keep criminals from spoiling the event?
  • Is ample safe onsite parking available?
  • Are there security officers to patrol the area?

Seating Capacity?

  • Are various lay-outs available?
  • How many breakaway rooms are available?
  • Are there other venues at the same location to choose from if the specific venue doesn’t meet your requirements?
  • How many people will attend and can the venue accommodate the number of delegates?
  • Will delegates be able to see the speakers?

Luxuries and Essentials

  • Are there enough restrooms for the number of delegates?
  • Are the restrooms suitable for an upmarket event?
  • Does the venue offer a view?
  • Are the rooms air-conditioned?
  • Is additional equipment available on request?
  • Is there an onsite catering facility?
  • Are there waiters on site?
  • Are registration tables, linen and standard equipment available?
  • Is Wi-Fi or Internet connectivity available?
  • Are there photocopy and fax facilities available?
  • If needed, can you book an auditorium at the site?

Culinary Requirements

  • Can they cater for special dietary requirements?
  • Do you have to take a full day conference package with lunch included or do you have a choice between packages with or without breakfast/lunch?
  • Will they serve refreshments?
  • Is the venue wheelchair friendly?


  • Is the venue available for the specific dates you have in mind?
  • Until what time can you host the event?
  • Will extra equipment such as audio-visual equipment be available for the specific date?
  • Will it be possible to change the event date?

The luxury conference venue should be located in a tranquil setting to minimise the risk of interference with the meeting. It is essential to select a venue that offers lush gardens, other facilities such as additional restaurants, activities such as a museum and onsite access controlled parking.

The venue itself shouldn’t have direct sunlight penetrating and shining on the screen area. You’ll want a room with perfect acoustics to ensure that all delegates can hear the speakers. Additional equipment should be available and you’ll want business facilities on-site. Note that the largest is not necessarily the best. You need to select a venue that will comfortably seat your intended number of guests.

The Monument Function Centre at the Voortrekker Monument in Pretoria offers several luxury conference venues that will meet and exceed your event hosting requirements. View details at our website and contact us to discuss your particular requirements and to enquire about availability for the intended dates.

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