Looking for a Conference Venue in Pretoria

Here’s Where to Look for a Pretoria Conference Venue

Have you been tasked with looking for and finding a conference venue in Pretoria? An internet search will reveal many such establishments. All will claim that they and their facilities are outstanding and no doubt, there are many fine venues amongst them. So how do you shortlist a few and eventually, select one (or two, by way of comparison)?

It is a huge responsibility to organise and arrange a conference; to a large extent, its success depends on your eventual venue choice. There are umpteen factors to consider and remember. Moreover, you’re trying to please all the people, all the time – an almost impossible task.

This may be especially so if the conference is to include one or more night’s accommodation plus meals, in addition to snacks and refreshments – aspects about which a diverse group of people are likely be very fussy. What suits and delights one may possibly leave the next person cold or brimming with complaints.

Straightforward Solution

Booking your convention at a dedicated centre which has ample experience in hosting business meetings and catering for the needs of diverse groups and delegates is usually your best and most calculated bet. Monument Function Centre’s selection of venues is perfectly suited to hosting a wide range of functions, events, conferences and special occasions, irrespective of delegate numbers and requirements.

Most of our establishments are located within the city limits of Pretoria, whilst the prestigious 4-star Villa Paradiso, our country manor hotel, is a relatively short distance from the city, on the banks of the scenic Hartbeespoort Dam.

Moreover, we have been intimately involved in the catering and hospitality industry for many years, also operating a number of fine, popular restaurants, which are open to the public – another selective group of diners, seen in its entirety. Menu planning and catering for your attendees and guests will be our privilege and your diners’ and delegates’ pleasure.

Why Hold an Out-of-Office (Pretoria) Conference?  
  • Your office premises may not have the required private space available, where the meeting can be held without interruptions.
  • Your office doesn’t allow for catering – food and beverage preparation and service for the expected number of attendees.
  • Breakaway rooms don’t feature at your offices.
  • The organisation does not own conference equipment, such as an overhead projector, AV equipment and other aids. Hiring, installing and testing these items requires a certain amount of knowledge, skill and additional time, which may be in short supply when the meeting is imminent.
  • It is always a good idea to remove your employees from their normal workplace for group meetings and seminars, so that they’re able to cut off mentally and physically from their usual responsibilities and are better able to focus and concentrate on the business at hand.
  • If some delegates are travelling from other centres, getting everyone together at a completely neutral venue ensures that there’s no “home advantage”, especially if discussions revolve around contentious business issues or major decisions which are to be taken.
  • An out-of-office conference is an ideal platform for diverse people to get to know one another better.
  • Team building, develop cohesion.
  • Share ideas and points of view, brain storm.
  • Identify commonplace problems.
  • Improve communication.
  • Have a break from daily routine.
  • Opportunity for professional and personal growth.
  • Discuss problems and find solutions, pre-empt potential problems and solutions.
  • Bond, build morale and establish common goals.
  • Face-to-face, personal exchange of information.
  • Introduce new products or services.
  • Familiarise with the overall bigger picture.
  • Enhance and/or develop a network.
  • Meet others in the same industry, like-minded or diverse.
  • Develop goals and strategies for the future.

Tips for the Organiser

Begin planning, establish a budget and reserve your venue for your chosen date/s, for the estimated number of attendees. Do this as early as possible, to avoid disappointment. Exact numbers can be confirmed somewhat closer to the actual date, but get confirmation of delegates’ attendance sooner rather than later.

If accommodation is to be included, ascertain whether any attendees will be sharing rooms. Find out whether there are special dietary requirements and discuss these with our venues’ conference co-ordinator, who should also be made aware of the times and duration of beverage breaks and meal service.

Our experienced co-ordinator will gladly assist with other arrangements, such as equipment, menu planning and other relevant matters. We want your conference in Pretoria to be a roaring success, just as much as you do.
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