Ideal Special Event and Function Venue in Pretoria

Finding your Ideal Special Event/Function Facility in Pretoria

You’re looking for an ideal special event and function venue in Pretoria, right? Your quest should be simple and straightforward, but is it really so? It truly depends on what your ideal idea is; moreover, your ideal is likely to differ from that of the next person, because your understanding or concept of the word’s meaning may very well be somewhat different. “Ideal” is variously defined as one’s concept of what is perfect, without fault (faultless or flawless), quintessential, ultimate, absolute, complete, most suitable or best possible, to name only some published definitions. Another takes it a little further – “existing only in one’s imagination”, therefore probably representative of an unrealistic expectation, one which is unachievable or unattainable.

Nevertheless, you’re not dissuaded. You still want to find that special Pretoria venue at which to host your special occasion, one which best meets your expectations and understanding of “ideal” and perfection.

Factors to Consider

  • Accessibility – is it simple and easy for visitors to find and access, especially those from out of town or guests who may be unfamiliar with the area? Can they get to the venue, with minimal chance of getting lost or being stuck in heavy traffic and arriving late?

  • Parking – is there adequate, off street and dedicated parking space, taking into account the number of invited attendees?

  • Safety and security – are the venue and its parking area safe and secure, both for the vehicles and the people arriving, departing and travelling in them.

  • Location – does the location suit you and most of your guests? Is the area commensurate with the nature of the function?

  • In- or outdoors – if you decide to hold part of or the entire function outdoors, is the venue able to make contingency plans for inclement weather?

  • Guest numbers – can the establishment accommodate the planned number of visitors in comfort, without overcrowding them but according to the proposed seating plan?

  • Space – is there sufficient space to accommodate a dance floor, stage, podium, band plus musical instruments and sound equipment or DJ, and/or main table, as and if required?

  • Catering – is the establishment able, equipped and experienced in order to cater for your guests, ideally on site?

  • Menu – will you be provided with interesting menu choices to comply with your budget? If required, can you select a fine dining, gourmet quality menu?

  • Meal service – can you choose between buffet style and a “sit down”, served meal?

  • Dietary requirements – can special dietary requirements be accommodated by prior arrangement?

  • Setting – most people prefer to celebrate special events in a beautiful, unusual or interesting setting. In addition to the appearance of the venue itself, do the surroundings also meet with expected standards?

  • Ambience – human beings are generally quite perceptive of ambience and the mood, vibe or feel of a place. Is the proposed venue’s ambience as close to perfect as is possible, satisfying your particular, individual needs and ideals?

  • Standards – are the overall standards commensurate with yours?

  • Experience – is the establishment well experienced in hosting special events and functions? What of their track record and reputation in this regard?

  • Co-ordinator or facilitator – will you be left to your own devices to make all necessary arrangements, or does the venue employ dedicated, experienced event/function/conference co-ordinators to provide expert assistance in planning, supervising and co-ordinating the special event, ensuring that everything runs smoothly and according to specified time?

  • Packages – are package deals available, if applicable?

  • Bar service – is the premises or management licensed to serve alcoholic beverages?

  • Personal service – will you (and your special event guests) receive personal, friendly and professional service whilst attending the function?

  • Décor – will the establishment accommodate the décor of your choice?

  • Day, date and time – lastly, but by no means of any lesser importance, is the venue available for reservation on the day, date and time which ideally suits you?

Remember the so-called “early bird” – as soon as you have a day, date and time in mind, plus proposed guest numbers, make your booking with us for one of our fine function facilities. You can always adjust and confirm your requirements closer to the time.

In this regard, sooner is always better than later, particularly in popular Pretoria. You really don’t want to be waiting too long, only to find that your ideal special event and function venue has been booked by someone else, just when it best suited you and your party.
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