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Top Tips for Organising and Event at the Ideal Conference Centre in Pretoria

Make the most of your time and resources by booking a venue at the ideal conference centre in Pretoria as this will help to minimise risks, reduce costs, streamline the event and ensure optimal success. The Monument Function Centre, located at the foot of the world-famous Voortrekker Monument, has a stunning view of the city beneath, is located within a protected area, and includes several venues to cater to your specific requirements.

We have shared a few tips below to help you make the most of the ideal circumstances at the Monument Function Centre as one of the top conference centres in Pretoria.

What type of Conference?

Though it is obviously a conference, there is a distinct difference between a commercial one that is well-advertised and for which an entrance fee will be paid and one that is organised on behalf of an organisation and for which the delegates won’t pay, but where specific products will be promoted.

With the commercial type you depend on the entrance fee to cover the costs while for the organisation focussed one, you will have a set budget. It goes without saying that having a set budget helps with planning and thus makes it easier to determine the upper-limit price you are willing to pay.

With the commercial type, more needs to be spent on advertising and you will work with a target number of delegates in mind. That being said, for this type of conference it is better to opt for snacks and light beverages than a set breakfast or lunch menu as it will be difficult to cater to the dietary requirements of all the delegates. It will also save you a lot of money in terms of catering if you minimise the refreshments.

For the organisation focussed conference, determine the number of delegates allowed and for promotion sake you will want to include a breakfast or lunch in the package.

Who is Your Audience?

It is essential to determine the target audience as it will influence the theme, décor, refreshments and the formality level of the conference. In addition, it will also affect the security, promotions and media coverage. If you for instance, target political delegates from an economic region in Africa, you will have to upgrade security, ensure optimal press coverage and will want to cater to the dietary and religious requirements of the various delegates. If the audience is natural medicine enthusiasts and specialists, the food choices will have to reflect such.

Where and When?

Understand that any event takes time to organise and you should allow enough time not only for the actual event organisation, but for marketing the event to ensure that the target number of delegates can be achieved. The date will also determine availability of the venue and costs of flight tickets and accommodation.  It furthermore affects the ventilation, cooling and heating requirements at the conference venue, as well as the food choices. Set a date at least 6-12 months ahead and carefully consider when will be the most appropriate and convenient time for the hosting of the conference.

The where question is essential because the location of the conference will often determine whether you will have a full house or a complete failure. Larger centres such as Pretoria are well-suited for full-scale upmarket conferences because the centres offer:

  • Various attractions
  • Access to airports
  • Well-developed road infrastructure
  • Ample accommodation.

The ideal conference venue in Pretoria should have:

  • Safe onsite parking for the total number of delegates to attend
  • Adequate security for the protection of VIP delegates
  • Immediate attractions and activities
  • Various venues at one location to cater to your specific requirements.

Venue Choice

View the venue website to get an idea of the options available and whether the required business facilities are at the location. You will want to determine how the venue looks to ensure that the lay-out choice will be appropriate for your specific type of conference. At the Monument Function Centre we have various onsite catering facilities, already have a top catering company to ensure that culinary requirements can be met and have all the business facilities you may need. In addition, we also have the conference planning team to assist with lay-out and culinary choices, business equipment rental, parking coordination, and security.

Contact us today for professional assistance to ensure a well-planned and streamlined event at the Monument Function Centre – the ideal conference venue in Pretoria.

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