How to Choose a Conference Venue

How to Choose a Conference Venue when Success is at Stake

Your company has decided to hold a conference and tasked you with making the arrangements. They have given you a rough or specific date, so you had better start working and select a venue as soon as possible. Very few businesses host conferences at their own premises these days, even if they have sufficient space in which to do so and possess the relevant resources. By far, most prefer to have proceedings take place at a dedicated conference venue in a location removed from the normal workplace.

Reasons for Choosing an Out-of-office Venue

  • Availability of spaces that best suits the number of delegates.
  • Removing local delegates from their normal working environment and responsibilities, which makes it easier for them to block outside influences and concentrate on discussions.
  • Building an air of enthusiasm and anticipation amongst attendees, who foresee an element of having a break too, whilst being away from the office.
  • It is far less taxing and time-consuming for your company’s organiser; less can go wrong and the event can proceed smoothly, in accordance with the times specified in your agenda.
  • You (and your organiser) are able to focus on your other roles and responsibilities, those which you cannot or prefer not to delegate to others.
  • Bona fide conference venues, such as those offered by Monument Function Centre, have competent, experienced conference co-ordinators who help take a heavy load (and certain responsibilities) off the shoulders of your company’s representative, while ensuring that your wishes and requirements are taken care of professionally.
  • Freshly prepared meals, refreshments and snacks are made on site and served at the appointed times, as and how they were ordered, considering special dietary requirements.
  • You are able to choose a venue that is easily accessible to and suits most or all delegates, even those who have to travel from other centres within the country.
  • If attendees have to stay over for events lasting longer than one day, you can select a venue that offers accommodation, like our Villa Paradiso Country Manor, a 4-star hotel, event, function and conference venue. The hotel features 60 double bedroom units that are eminently suitable for discerning delegates’ overnight accommodation.
  • A reputable conference centre will have the required, modern equipment on hand, certainly those listed according to your specific requirements, all in good working order – one less possible nightmare for you and your company’s organiser to worry about.

How to Make your Choice

  • Have a proposed date in mind, plus one or two alternatives and the duration for which you will require the venue.
  • Know how many delegates are expected. Exact numbers may be confirmed closer to the actual date of the event.
  • Ensure that the time allocated for the proceedings is commensurate with the content of the agenda and the time allocated to each item thereon. This enables your agenda and our services to run on time, wasting none of this precious commodity.
  • Ascertain your budget for the conference. Remember to include sufficient funds for coffee/tea breaks and refreshments, meals and if required, accommodation costs. Keep in mind that you will save on the latter if delegates share rooms, which are spacious double-sized at Villa Paradiso and perfectly comfortable for two.
  • Take the wise, easy and straightforward route in order to secure the conference venue that is spot-on for your event. Send us an email, addressed to or give us a call on +27 12 321 6230/70/71 and ask to be connected to our reservations department.
  • Give our consultant your choice of venue, proposed date/s and alternatives, duration of your event, number of delegates and your budget. Include the name of the appointed key conference contact person at your concern as well as their contact details.
  • We shall confirm your date/s and the availability of the venue that you chose.
  • A competent coordinator will be assigned to your company and your event for its full duration
  • Together, your organiser and our committed co-ordinator will discuss and decide on specific elements and details. These may include your agenda, parking facilities, accommodation (if applicable), meals (inclusive of special dietary requirements), the conference equipment that your group requires and the content of our various conference packages, plus any additional requirements you may have.

It is as easy as that, once you know how. Make your chosen reservation with Monument Function Centre as soon as possible to avoid disappointment. Remember, sooner is better than later when a successful conference is at stake.
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