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Insights into Pulling Off a Successful Function on a Tame Budget

When you think about the grand functions you have been to in the past, you may think your business isn’t big enough to hold an event large enough to make a difference, or where do you find the budget to pull something like that off? This is a mistake. Functions and events, when done well, are a successful technique for networking, engagement and marketing. Bigger certainly doesn’t always equate to better, even when you have the budget.

What’s most important is spending your budget on what’ll make the strongest impact in conveying your message to the audience. Your function venue certainly plays a big part in this. However, when you have a tight budget, the need to track every expense can inspire creativity in different ways, and it can result in an event your attendees will remember for all the right reasons.

So how do you pull off a successful function on a shoestring budget? You start by planning. But let’s take a closer look at a more structured way of planning a fantastic event that’ll add value to your organisation.

#1 Plan

Avoid the trap of treating events and functions like an afterthought. Plan ahead, and budget for them. Be ruthlessly strategic about their objectives. Your events should always have a business-driving purpose that goes beyond merely offering attendees a nice time.

#2 Make Allowance for Fees

Fees add up. In fact, like anyone who’s ever hosted a function can tell you, they add up quite quickly. Don’t forget to include all the additional fees into the budget. A great event co-ordinator provides you with insights into which fees are negotiable too.

#3 Music and Entertainment

It used to be that having a live band was the prestigious thing to do, but DJs are hot again. DJs are more fun than a live band, and come at half the price. Aside from the filler entertainment for your function, you have to budget for a Master of Ceremonies, if you want to pay someone professional, who will see your event through from start to end.

#4 Food and Catering

Let’s be honest, booking a function venue in Pretoria that offers on-site catering is not only more convenient, but can also be more feasible. You won’t have to deal with the hassle of off-site caterers coming to where you are.

At Monument Function Centre, our Monument Restaurant brings you into nature and offers a superb dining experience at reasonable prices. When you book your function at any of our venues, take care of your catering needs by choosing one of our packages. We combine old charm with fine dining and celebrated hospitality. It’s a great convenience for our clients in search of an easy way to keep their attendees fed and watered throughout their functions, without having to arrange transport to another venue.

Book Your Function at Monument Function Centre in Pretoria

We offer leading function venues in Pretoria for everything from training seminars to product launches, year-end functions and team building days. There are different venues that cater for different types of events, from our Amphi Hall, which can be transformed into an enchanted matric farewell or wedding venue, to our Barn venue, which is ideal for outdoor picnic functions and team building events.

When you book your function with us, you will also benefit from working with one of our seasoned event co-ordinators, who is just as vested in the success of your event as you are. We always go the extra mile to deliver the great experiences our clients expect. These are only a few of the many reasons why we remain one of the top function venues in Pretoria.

Our team is always at hand to provide you with the insight and advice needed to make the most of your event. Tap into our vast experience, and enjoy the nature around you, as you soak in the beautiful ambience of our surroundings. To learn more about our function venues, and to secure your venue and avoid disappointment, speak to us today. We look forward to helping you bring your vision of the perfect function to life.
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