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As properties, land and homes are becoming more expensive but smaller, and the popularity of secure gated communities or estates with high-density dwellings increases, more and more people prefer to host their functions and special occasions at venues specifically established for this purpose.


Small properties seldom have enough space in which to entertain large numbers of guests. Although modern kitchens focus on practical and functional design, space for large-scale catering still remains a problem.

Time and Facilities

Today’s hectic lifestyle hinders many home caterers, who simply don’t have enough time which can be dedicated to preparing special party food. Additionally, pre-prepared food has to be kept fresh; most domestic kitchens lack the refrigeration space to do so. Then, of course, there’s the mammoth task of cleaning up after catering for large numbers of people, which may just be too daunting and time consuming.

Necessary Planning

Those in the know don’t allow such issues to stop them from entertaining en masse when a really special date appears on the calendar. They realise that one should plan ahead for a special celebration for a few fundamental reasons, particularly if they intend to reserve one of Pretoria’s popular function venues at which to host their party.  
  • Ensure that the function venue is available on the date and day of choice.
  • Likewise, ensure that the desired guests will be available to attend.
  • Allow guests enough time to RSVP in order to finalise total number of guests who will be attending, while ensuring that the venue’s personnel have sufficient time to attend to all of one’s requirements.
  • The more time one has to plan properly, the less chance there is that something important will be forgotten or omitted.
Planning and booking the venue in advance gives one plenty of time and opportunity to attend to all relevant details of the function, and there are many – the larger or more complex the event, the more aspects there are which require attention. Effective planning is vital to the success and smooth flow of every event. Here are a few aspects to consider:  
  • Establish a budget.
  • Taste test sample dishes and menu selection, establishing and discussing special dietary requirements.
  • Arrival or welcome drinks and where/how to serve them.
  • Drinks and bar service during the function.
  • Guest seating plans and display of a clear “map” for guests to find their way to their allocated tables and seats.
  • Table configuration.
  • Optional dance floor and space planning to accommodate one.
  • Colour scheme and/or theme, flowers and décor.
  • Hire a photographer.
  • Facilities for making announcements or speeches, optional stage or podium.
  • Sound system and music.
  • Ambient lighting.
  • Co-ordinated time management.
  • Safe and adequate parking facilities for guests’ vehicles.
Planning a function can transform you into a bundle of raw nerves or it can be an enjoyable exercise in organisation and efficiency, it just depends on the team which you appoint to assist you. Nevertheless, effective, timely planning is vital to the success and smooth flow of all events.

Check List

It’s always a good idea to draw up a check list for oneself. Even if you’re engaging the services of the experienced staff at the proposed venue, you need to discuss the contents of your list with them.

Enough without Wasting

Let your venue’s event manager know what your final guest number is as soon as you have this, so that they can finalise their quote and execute their planning. No one wants to waste money by gross over-catering, but heaven forbid that one should under-cater.

It’s embarrassing if you’ve accidentally omitted to accommodate a guest and worse still, it’s very humiliating for the guest. Most experienced hosts ensure that they are able to accommodate a couple of extra place settings and meals, just in case.

Selection of Unique Venues in and around Pretoria

Our company’s business revolves exclusively around functions, events, special occasions, product launches, weddings, anniversaries, birthday parties, matric farewell and year end parties, celebrations of all types, conferences and out-of-office business meetings.

We offer a selection of unique venues in and around Pretoria for virtually every type of function and have the trained personnel, experience and expertise to cater for guest numbers from 10 and upwards. Provision of excellent fine dining or light meals, snacks and refreshments is our forte, ever ready to meet and exceed your requirements.
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