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How to Choose a Function Venue for Your Event

Choosing the function venue is often the most difficult part of setting up an event such as a Matric Farewell, birthday party, product launch or wedding reception. The venue contributes to the overall experience of the event and you should thus carefully consider your requirements. A few pointers are shared below to help you make an informed decision and to get your planning on track.

Event Purpose

The type of event will determine the venue requirements. For a wedding reception, you’ll want a romantic and unique setting. A Matric Farewell is normally hosted in the evening and you’ll thus want to select a venue that will be open till late and will be safe enough for hosting at night. When it comes to a music show, you’ll need ample parking space and will want a venue that can cater for up to 1500 persons.  Year-End parties differ in size and as such you’ll need to determine how many people will attend and the level of formality required. For many of the functions you’ll want a dance floor.

Number of Guests

This brings us to the next consideration. How many people will you invite and how do you want the lay-out to be arranged? For a music event you need to decide on whether to have seating or only standing space. The seating arrangements will also be dependent on the available space.

Equipment Required

What will you need to host your function successfully? Do you need overhead projectors, Internet access, audio and visual equipment, and registration tables?

Culinary Requirements

Do you plan on providing refreshments and perhaps a breakfast, lunch or dinner? How much are you willing to spend on catering and for which types of special dietary requirements do you need to cater for?

The Ideal Function Venue

Now that you have a clear idea of the minimum requirements, it is time to discuss what makes for a perfect venue. You will want a venue where the safety of the guests can be guaranteed. For such consider a location that has access control in place and where safe parking is available. Onsite restrooms must be clean and should have enough facilities to cater for the number of guests you plan to invite.

Such a venue should also include a garden, especially if you plan on a wedding reception or Matric Farewell.  The venue should thus fit the specific event type.

Where to Look?

The Monument Function Centre at the Voortrekker Monument offers everything you need for any type of function. With an onsite romantic restaurant, several conference rooms, banquet hall and boardroom, as well as onsite catering facilities, a lush garden, and an experienced team to help with coordination of the event, you’ll be set for the perfect function. It has ample safe parking, full access control and aesthetic appeal. Indeed, the venue can cater for small, medium and large events irrespective of type. So, whether you want an intimate dinner for 20 at the restaurant, want a formal music event for 1500 persons, or want to run a serious of seminars, you will find that the Monument Function Centre can cater to your requirements.

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