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Music Function Venue Hire in Pretoria – Plan Ahead and Save Money

Planning on hosting a music event? Then the Monument Function Centre is your answer. We offer superior function venue hire options in Pretoria. Whether you want an outdoor event in amphitheatre style or want to host an upmarket indoor music event, we have the venue to suit your requirements. With seating capacity of up to 2000 in the Amfi Hall, it is the ideal venue for your next live event.

Why Select a Theatre?

A theatre such as the Amfi Hall already has the seating or standing capacity to accommodate a large crowd and meets the fire safety standards for such an event. With PA systems, the required equipment, light brackets and the option of renting lights, you will have a venue that can be decorated according to theme and will be professional enough even for an indoor laser show. The acoustics are perfect for a live event, ensuring maximum output and top experiences for the crowd.

How to Plan Your Event

The function venue hire coordinators at the Monument Function and Conference Centre in Pretoria will assist you with the best lay-out options and generally planning of security as well as entrance control for the evening. However, you are still far from making it happen and have to plan ahead.

Book Well in Advance

The most difficult part of the planning often entails finding the right location. Fortunately our centre is already perfectly located far enough from residential homes to avoid any problems with noise. It is has the majestic Voortrekker Monument in the backdrop and offers a stunning view of the city beneath. Access control is already in place and we have ample parking for all the visitors. To ensure that you don’t miss out on the best venue for hire in Pretoria, book now for the specific date you have in mind. Once you have a date and venue, you can proceed to the next phase of planning.

Lay-out Considerations

Determine how many people you want to attend and to which audience you cater. A metal fan crowd will hardly appreciate seating while an over thirties crowd watching a compilation of various Afrikaans singers and bands will be more appreciative when it comes to seating tickets. If the crowd is younger, it will be essential to have standing space. You also need to decide whether seats will be assigned or whether you will charge a general admission. For the less formal events, we suggest general admission as the younger crowds all hope to get a chance to be near the stage. With the more formal music events, assign seats with the tickets.


Though we have onsite car guards and security, for larger crowds we suggest arranging for additional security, doormen and paramedics. Indeed, if you run a live music function, it is essential to have a trained paramedic team on site.

Public Liability Insurance

Don’t even consider hosting such a function if you don’t get public liability cover for the event. There are too many things that can go wrong to risk going without such.

Select the Musicians and Sound Engineers

Plan your line-up with the lesser known bands or musicians first and opening for the well-known headline bands. Secure the services of top sound and light engineers and plan the event with them.

Calculate Costs

There are numerous costs that must be considered for example, security; venue hire; sound; lights; decor; ticket printing; online and offline advertising costs; bartenders where relevant; cleaners; paramedics; insurance; communication costs; photographers; free tickets; transport; VIP services, and more. Once you have calculated costs add another 20% for the factors that you may have missed.

Take the first step in you music event planning. Contact us for more information on our function venue hire options and pricing at the Monument Function and Conference Centre in Pretoria.

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