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6 Things to Consider When Choosing Function Venue Hire in Pretoria for Your Event

When you need to plan a private or company event, there are many different factors that may influence the venue you choose. Often the date plays a great role because at certain times of year the most popular venues are booked out way ahead of time, and you have to find a way to make a great impact with your venue.

You want to provide your attendees with the best experience possible, and the venue you choose plays a great role in this. If you are located in Gauteng, or even internationally, choosing function venue hire in Pretoria may be a great help because it is centrally located, and often very beautiful. Here, we provide you with some solid tips on how to choose function venue hire in Pretoria that will help you to make your event or function a great success!

  • Start Early: If your event is planned around a busy time, such as year-end during a particular conferencing season, it is important that you choose your function venue hire in Pretoria as soon as possible. Contact with your preferred venue, and find out whether they would be available on your particular date. If not, it helps to be a little flexible around the date if you want to book your perfect function venue. It is recommended that the venue is booked and confirmed around four to six months before the event. Once the venue is confirmed, it also gives you time to do other important things, such as the invitations, promotion of the event, and booking guest speakers.

  • The location of the event is also important, and if your attendees or delegates are coming from a particular area, it is probably best to keep it as local as possible. If delegates are flying in from different places, it is best to keep it within a short travelling distance from an airport. If delegates are staying over for the night or a few days, book accommodation close to the venue to cut down on travel time and increase convenience.

  • Check Out Parking: The function venue in Pretoria you choose to hire has to be able to accommodate all the vehicles of the attendees. The parking also has to be secure and located close to the venue. If delegates are being bussed in with coaches, ensure that there is enough space for the coach to park and to turn around with ease.

  • Number of Delegates: The type of function venue hire you choose will be crucial when it comes to the number of delegates you expect to attend. The capacity of the venue has to easily accommodate all your delegates without them feeling cramped or trapped, and if the venue space is too large, the delegates may feel a bit sparse in the venue. Also, consider that meals and refreshments will have to be provided, and for a sit-down meal, it is crucial that everyone gets to enjoy their meals in comfort.

  • Catering: So many conferences or venues are remembered by delegates for a long time – not because they enjoyed the experience, but because the catering was bad. There is nothing like distasteful food to spoil an event. Choose venue hire in Pretoria that has a team of top caterers who have a good reputation in the industry. Often, there are different dietary needs that have to be provided for, and the chefs and caterers should be able to come up with interesting variations that will satisfy the hunger of even the most discerning and demanding delegate.

  • Amenities and On-Site Services: Often, the delegates need a space to relax or to congregate during rest times and breaks, and it is vital that they do not remain stuck in a conference room all day. They need to be able to change the environment, perhaps stretch their legs, and have easy access to ablution facilities throughout the event. The furniture and equipment you will need is also important, and it is best to choose function venue hire in Pretoria that can provide all the desks, tables, chairs, and even linen you need. While it is possible to get all these items from external providers, it is a lot easier and cheaper when everything you need is already at the venue.

  • Modern Equipment: It is important that the venue hire you choose are able to provide you with modern audio-visual equipment, projectors, microphones, and other items you may need to reach all your delegates. Make a list of what you will need beforehand, ask the guest speakers what they will need, and ensure that the venue you book can provide everything that is needed.

Of course cost is an issue, and there is no purpose in booking a venue that falls way out of your budget range. At Monument Function Centre we specialise in a wide variety of functions and events, we provide outstanding catering, and all at a reasonable cost. Give us a call today to book our function venue hire in Pretoria!
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