Function Venue Hire in Pretoria

Factors to Consider When Choosing Function Venue Hire in Pretoria

Regardless of the type of function you are having – whether it is a birthday party, wedding, conference, awards evening or celebration – there are certain factors you have to keep in mind when choosing function venue hire in Pretoria. Because Pretoria is such a beautiful city and located close to two major airports, it is becoming almost as popular as Johannesburg when it comes to function venue hire. Johannesburg, however, is busier and most venues there are geared for corporate use, and if you prefer something more intimate, the Monument Function Centre venue hire in Pretoria may be just what you need. When deciding on the best function hire in Pretoria for your event, you must consider a few factors. These include:

  • The type of function: Different functions have different requirements. For instance, if you are looking for function venue hire in Pretoria for a conference, you need breakout rooms, a large conferencing area, reception desk, and audio-visual equipment that will make the process easier. For a wedding, you need a romantic atmosphere, as well as plenty of places where beautiful wedding photos can be taken. For birthdays and awards evenings, you usually need a hall where people can have a formal dining experience together, and sometimes even a dancefloor. All of this means that the function venue that you hire in Pretoria will be dictated by the requirements of the type of event.
  • Number of guests: The venue you hire for your function in Pretoria must be able to accommodate the number of guests with ease. For large conferences, you need to be able to seat the number of delegates in comfort and provide them with enough space to break up into groups if needed. For weddings, the number of guests can vary and you may have to choose specific locations at a venue for the wedding. For instance, if you have a small, intimate wedding, a large cavernous space will make the room seem empty and create an impersonal atmosphere. Cramming a large number of wedding guests into a dining hall can be equally unpleasant. Events such as birthdays are usually best at places where catering can easily be provided, such as a restaurant or even a tea garden (if outdoors).
  • Parking: Of course, your guests will need to park their vehicles, and you have to ensure that there is ample parking available for everyone. If you are planning to use coaches to bus your delegates to the venue, ensure that the parking area is large enough to accommodate a coach and that it has enough space for the coach to turn around.
  • Disabilities: There is no excuse for any function venue you hire in Pretoria not to have disability access and facilities, and by law they have to abide by certain rules when it comes to disability access and ablutions. If you do expect disabled guests, ensure that the function venue you hire cater for these people adequately.
  • Guest profile: If you are planning a high-end gala evening, this will influence the choice of venue, because the function venue you hire has to suit your audience. It has to set the tone for the function, and be formal or informal enough for the type of guest and event you are planning to have. You simply cannot expect guests dressed up to the nines in their best eveningwear to traverse gravel paths, and equally, if you are having an informal birthday or hen party, the venue should be suitably informal.

Monument Function Centre is considered one of the most practical choices when it comes to function venues to hire in Pretoria, because we can cater for virtually any type of event. We have formal venues and information venues, and our catering options can be custom-designed according to the needs of the event and the guests. We are located in Pretoria on the hill next to the Voortrekker Monument, and at night, the sparkling lights of the city below is something to behold. We have a natural setting with the imposing monument as a backdrop, and our banqueting team will do everything in their power to ensure that your event is perfectly organised and executed. Give us a call today!
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