Corporate Year-End Function Venues

How to Select a Corporate Year-end Function Venue in Gauteng

For a medium-sized to large company, you may struggle to find suitable corporate year-end function venues in Pretoria, especially if you have more than 180 guests. Fortunately, the Monument Function Centre located at the Monument Complex has a venue for every type of function, regardless of size. But, let us first look at how to select the venue that will work best for you from among all the corporate year-end function venues that are available in Gauteng.

Location, Location, Location!

The buzzword in real estate is just as relevant when it comes to the hosting of a year-end function. You want a venue that is centrally located, enabling your employees to reach it easily from all parts of the city. With breath-taking views of Pretoria city, you have the additional benefit of city lights beneath at night, which add to the ambience of hosting an evening event at the Monument Function Centre.


If the event is hosted in the evening, you will especially prefer a venue that has access control and safe parking. With a setting in a nature reserve and strict access control, your guests will not have to be concerned about possible vehicle theft or break-ins at our function centre.


It may not be an issue if you have fewer than 30 employees, but once the ranks have swollen to 50 or perhaps more than 100 people, then you need a larger venue. Many restaurants offer year-end function space, but can they accommodate groups of over 100? What if you have 300 employees – will the venue still be able to cope? Likewise, if you have only 15 or so employees, then you will certainly not want to rent an entire, expensive banquet space. You would therefore want a venue that has appropriate space for the number of guests you have in mind. You will find that our complex offers various venues and settings to cater to all your specific space and budget requirements.

Theme Options

Will you be able to decorate the venue, or have it decorated to suit your particular theme? Here again, it is essential to consider what the venue organisers are willing to allow or do to ensure that the venue and event will be exactly what you want. Fortunately, you can rely on our team to go the extra mile to ensure that your event décor and ambience are perfect.

Facilities on Offer

Guests will need to use the restrooms. Consider the neatness of the restrooms and also consider whether on-site catering facilities are available. Do you have to manage the catering as well, or will the venue organisers take care of your culinary requirements? Again, you will find that we have on-site catering facilities and a catering company to manage the culinary part of the event. In addition, audiovisual equipment is available and arrangements can be made for a DJ and related equipment.

Experience of the Event Organisers

Do not compromise on the quality of the corporate year-end function for the sake of saving a little here and there. The employees and your valued business partners, suppliers and clients quickly notice if the event is not running smoothly. Experienced caterers, coordinators and support staff make a difference and you will find that we have hosted everything from small and intimate parties to extremely large music and performance events. As such, you would not have to be concerned that important details will be missed.

Distance from Employees and Clients

Though a bush setting can be rather intriguing, if it means that the clients and employees have to travel far from the city, they will feel inconvenienced and may decide not to attend. To this end, make sure you select one of the venues near main routes for easy access. In addition, the distance from the venue and where the employees live should not be more than about 40 km more than they would have travelled to get to work.

When it comes to the selection of corporate year-end function venues, do not wait until two or three weeks before the event date. Spaces are booked quickly and for any event to be successful, planning and time in advance are essential elements. We recommend viewing our offerings and facilities, which will give you an even better indication of why our venue is perfectly suited to hosting your year-end function.
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