Conferencing Options in Pretoria

Types of Conferences and the Best Conferencing Options in Pretoria for These Events

There are different types of conferences and they have different needs. It is important that you know the difference between them in order to choose the right conferencing options in Pretoria for your particular event. Different conference types include the following:

  • Symposiums: At these conferences, experts usually discuss particular issues or subject matter. The audience will be mostly from outside the organisation. Even though some of the speakers and discussion members may play a large role in the conference, most of the attendees and speakers are not members of the same company. There are many different conferencing options in Pretoria that will cater best of this type of conference, especially if the audience are mostly people flying in from different destinations, because there are two airports in the vicinity of Pretoria.
  • Employee/management conference: This type of conference is usually organised by a company to discuss matters that concern that company or business in particular. The audience will all be from within the company – business managers, salespeople, or specific departments, and their function will usually be either to motivate employees or to discuss particular changes or issues affecting the business at the time. Often, breakout sessions are organised to provide opportunities for smaller groups to discuss or brainstorm about specific issues, and you may need to limit the venue you choose to conferencing options in Pretoria that include extra breakaway rooms as well as a main hall.
  • Seminars: These are usually academic in nature and will include students discussing certain issues with professionals, industry experts or academic subject matter experts such as professors. The attendees will usually come from different academic institutions and they will debate certain issues, such as new studies or papers written by other academics. When choosing between conferencing options in Pretoria for a seminar, it helps to have a main hall in which all attendees can gather together and adequate sound equipment for everyone to be heard while they comment.
  • Workshops: Usually shorter than a conference, a workshop is an intensive session that is usually focused on educating people on a particular topic. For instance, if new procedures are introduced at a company, the relevant employees will attend the workshop to learn more about how to apply these procedures. Workshops can also be open to members of the public who would like to gain knowledge about a particular subject. Workshops are usually kept quite intimate and small in order for the trainer or educator to provide personal attention to the attendees. More intimate, smaller conferencing options in Pretoria will usually be more suited to this type of activity.
  • Round-table discussions: The round table typically symbolises the equality of the people taking part in a particular discussion. You would find business managers at the same level of seniority, or academics on a par with each other discussing a particular topic to come to some kind of mutual conclusion. If you choose conferencing options in Pretoria for this type of event, you usually won’t need too much space, as long as the attendees can sit in a circle or around a table and be close enough to each other to be comfortable and to hear and talk to each other easily.

If you are in the process of organising any of these types of conferences, you have to cater to those particular conferencing needs. Of course, one of the main criteria would be the number of attendees, and the catering for the function, but the layout and other specific needs also have to be taken into consideration. If your conference attendees need accommodation, you will have to find conferencing options in Pretoria that are close to the venue in order to avoid long travel times, and if your delegates are flying in to Pretoria for the conference, you may have to organise shuttles or other transport to ensure that they arrive safely and on time.

At Monument Function Centre we have a wide range of facilities that will suit any type of conference, team-building event, wedding, or even an awards evening or corporate Christmas party. We are one of the few conferencing options in Pretoria that will offer you a highly personalised service, and our catering team is one of the best in the local industry. Give us a call today to discuss you conferencing needs!
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