Conference Venues Near Pretoria

Conference Venues Near Pretoria Offering Historical Settings

If you have done a Google voice search for “conference venues near me” or “near Pretoria”, the results may have included venues in Midrand, Hartbeespoort Dam, Cullinan and other nearby places. What you really want is a venue in Pretoria, but in close proximity to the CBD and various historical attractions.

Why Historical Attractions?

If it is a one day conference many of the delegates will want to stay an extra day to visit places such as the Pretoria Zoo, Melrose House, Transvaal Museum and the most famous historical landmark of all – The Voortrekker Monument. With a two- to three-day event there is even more reason to have such a historical setting near Pretoria’s central business district.

Delegates will have some time on their hands in between sessions and will want to make use of the opportunity to see important landmarks while they are in Pretoria. If the venue is not near any such attractions, they will not be able to fit in sightseeing outings and will need to stay an additional day for these. With a venue such as the Monument Function Centre, located at the Voortrekker Monument complex in the middle of a nature reserve and overlooking the city beneath, you have the perfect historical setting. Apart from hiking or driving in the nature reserve, attendees can visit the famous Fort Schanskop in the same complex and the world-famous Voortrekker Monument.

Voortrekker Monument

The gigantic granite building’s design reminds one of an altar. Located on the hill overlooking Pretoria, the monument was erected in memory of the South African Boer Voortrekkers who left the Cape Colony to travel inland and conquer the untamed bush. They were true pioneers of the Afrikaners.

Gerard Moerdijk designed the building, which became a National Heritage Site in 2011. The idea of erecting such a monument was discussed at the Day of the Covenant celebrations on December 16, 1888. It would take more than 49 years before the construction of the majestic monument would commence. Descendants of three prominent Voortrekker leaders laid the first stone in 1937, but several years would pass before it was officially inaugurated in 1949. It turned out to be a massive building project that would cost over 350 000 pounds. It is 40×40 metres at the base and reaches 40 metres in height.

The amphitheatre that was erected at the same complex is still in use today and can seat over 19 000 people. Many international music shows have been hosted at this amphitheatre, including the most recent visit by Mumford & Sons.

One of the focal points of the building is the historical frieze depicting the Great Trek’s history and the day-to-day living of the Voortrekkers in the Hall of Heroes. The second important design element is the Cenotaph, located in the middle of the Cenotaph Hall. It can be seen from the dome, which is located right at the top of the building and from the base at the Hall of Heroes. What makes it unique is that every year on the December 16 at 12:00 noon the sunrays shine on the words “Ons vir Jou, Suid-Afrika”. Translated into English it means “We for You, South Africa”. The ray commemorates the blessing and protection bestowed upon the Voortrekkers at Battle of Blood River (December 16, 1838) in which the Voortrekkers were victorious.

Other Attractions

It is the only one of the conference venues near Pretoria that has such important historical attractions directly outside the conference venue. While at the Monument Function Centre, delegates can also visit the Wall of Remembrance, which was erected in memory of the soldiers who passed away while in service of the SADF in the years from 1961 to 1994.

Fort Schanskop, a fort erected by the ZAR in 1897, is now a monument that includes an amphitheatre that can seat more than 350 people. Conference attendees will also appreciate the Garden of Remembrance, the Afrikaner heritage centre, and the nature reserve where animals such as impala and zebra can be seen.

If you thus have to host an event, whether it is a year-end function, tradeshow, conference or seminar, select the Monument Function conference venue near Pretoria CBD offering ample sightseeing and relaxation opportunities.
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