Conference Venues in Pretoria

What to Look for in Conference Venues in Pretoria

Do you have an upcoming conference and need to plan for it? Many conferences and events require a great deal of planning. The bigger the gathering, the more effort is required. The venue that you choose will be a huge contributing factor to the success of your event or conference. Finding the ideal conference venues in Pretoria might seem like a daunting task, but you will be surprised at how quickly you can make a viable shortlist of options, if you know what you are looking for.

You will find that the options can seem endless, from convention centres to hotels, and even dedicated conference centres. Whether you are looking for a quiet setting for a small gathering or a world-class venue for a gathering of epic proportions – you are sure to find it in Pretoria.

When you request details from the various conference venues in Pretoria, take the time to scrutinise the details and package information that they send to you, as this will help to make the decision making easier. The following considerations should be taken into account:  
  • Accessibility – if you want to maximise event attendance, make sure that the conference venue in Pretoria is easily accessible to all delegates. When considering a venue, make sure that transport is readily available to the venue. Also make sure that there is sufficient parking available for delegates who choose to travel to your conference by car.
  • Availability – before you get excited about a venue and the prospect of hosting your conference there, make absolutely certain that it is available for the dates that you have in mind. It is also a good idea to ascertain if it is the venue’s peak season or not, so that you can be aware of the venue being busy with lots of traffic during your event, if it is.
  • Accommodation and lodging – it is important to make sure that there is suitable and affordable accommodation, either at the venue or nearby. If the venue doesn’t offer accommodation, check to see what hotels, guest houses and B&Bs are in the nearby vicinity.
  • The image of the venue – this can seem like a weird consideration, but it can have a direct bearing on how others view your conference. A conference venue in Pretoria with the wrong image can detract from the overall appeal of your event. Choose a venue that is on par with your company image and the type of conference that you are hosting.
  • The costs involved – one of the first things that you need to convey to the venue is your budget. It is pointless gathering information and considering a venue that you simply cannot afford. Don’t be afraid to ask if there are any specials running.
  • Facilities on offer – hiring a conference venue that doesn’t provide any of the required equipment can become frustrating. Make sure that the venue has the needed audio-visual equipment, microphones, stages, chairs and tables, and so on.
  • Food and refreshments – this is quite an important one. You want to keep your guests comfortable and happy, and this will require providing them with access to food that is good, well prepared and readily available. Ensure that the venue has a restaurant or that provisions can be made fairly easily for food.
  • Technical availability – the last thing that you need is to hire a conference venue and find out that no one knows how to operate the equipment or get onto the WiFi. Make sure that your chosen venue has someone on site with technical skills and experience. They should be able to set up the system and equipment for you.

At Monument Function Centre, we are one of a handful of leading conference venues in Pretoria. We have various function venues available within our centre, each of which has a wealth of conferencing potential and facilities that will make the event run smoothly. We are situated at the Voortrekker Monument in Pretoria and have a lush park-like setting with phenomenal views to offer.

If you would like to learn more about our centre and find out if we are the best of the conference venues in Pretoria for your event, contact us today! We are available via email and telephone – send us some mail or give us a call at your earliest convenience.
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