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Conferencing Basics


When it comes to conferencing, there are certain aspects to keep in mind when planning such an event. Most conferences need specific planning to avoid certain scenarios, like not having enough food for all the people in attendance, or not enough conference rooms for the different speakers sharing time slots. Academic conferences have grown in popularity over the years, and people travel halfway across the world to attend them. Today, we will be looking at the basics of conferencing and how you can assure that your conference is a success.


The Location


If you are looking for a proper conference venue in Pretoria, Monument Function Centre has a viable solution for you. The Manschappen conference room is situated in the Voortrekker Monument Nature Reserve and provides a beautiful backdrop for your conferencing experience. This all-purpose conference centre features six conference rooms and a boardroom – perfect for keynote speakers to open and close your event. At Manschappen, you will have a dedicated conference coordinator that will assist you in preparing for your big event. Different packages are available that include a selection of services and options for you to plan your event accordingly, giving you all the tools you need for success.


The standard equipment included in the conference package at this unique conference venue in Pretoria are flip charts, overhead projectors and screens, with a private LAN and Wi-Fi network as well. A registration table will be provided to welcome the people to the conference. Between sessions, the breakaway rooms will serve as a cooldown area to all attendees, giving them some time and space away from everybody for relaxation and recharging. Other equipment not included in the standard package is also available. At an additional cost, you will get access to cordless microphones, data projectors, and video conferencing equipment.


The Entertainment


Attending a conference usually includes some form of break-away entertainment that will not only serve as a relaxing experience, but also show foreigners what the country is all about. Mostly, people travel to other countries to attend and/or present at these conferences, and this is why the location of your chosen venue can make or break such an event. At Manschappen, you have more than enough options for tours and other forms of breakaway entertainment options. City tours, art galleries, and local markets will highlight the Pretoria culture and lifestyle, which might seem uninteresting to locals, but can be something completely new and informative to foreigners attending your conference.


Horse-riding and a visit to the zoo cater for the animal lovers, and can be popular choices for people who came to South Africa to witness the natural beauty and scenic environment. Hot-air ballooning, abseiling, and rock climbing are also available for the more adventurous at heart. These activities are ideal for the people seeking proper adventure activities in South Africa, and can bring out the outdoor adrenaline junkies in all of us. The Manschappen centre offers a complete package, and is one of the best options for a conference venue in Pretoria.


The Basics


When attending a conference, travel will always form part of the arrangements. This means that your passport should be in order, along with everything else to ensure that you can attend a conference in another country. Should the conference venue be in Pretoria and you are a local, you only need to worry about daily transport. Your next concern is accommodation. Whether you are attending or planning such an event, you need to realise that, if it stretches over a couple of days, you need accommodation that is preferably as close as possible to the venue.


Once all those aspects are taken care of, all that remains is setting the date for your conference, and executing a successful event. We will assist you in finding the perfect conference venue in Pretoria, should you want to consider other options too. We have alternative venues available as well, giving you a wider range to ensure that your conference venue in Pretoria has exactly what you want. If you want more information on all our available venues, feel free to browse our website for images and details. Contact us directly for bookings and further enquiries, and let Monument Function Centre ensure that your next conference is a roaring success.

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