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Looking for a Conference Venue in Pretoria? Discover all That There is to Offer at Monument Function Centre

When looking for the ideal conference venue in Pretoria, take the time to seek out a venue that offers a variety of features, and also isn’t scared to go the extra mile to deliver on them. Your primary goal should obviously be trying to ensure that your conference is one that goes off professionally and without a hitch. If the team assisting you doesn’t seem as interested in your function as you are, you’re making use of the wrong venue!

With many conference venues in Pretoria to choose from, venue managers and conference hosts are under a great deal of pressure. Venue managers and conference co-ordinators should be focused on presenting you with a venue hire package that impresses. While the type of conference or function that you are hosting will typically dictate which venue you choose, there are various other variables to be taken into consideration. The first thing to consider when choosing a conference venue in Pretoria is the size of your function. Think about how many delegates you will need to cater to. The space requirement should be the very first variable that you consider, as this will ultimately help you to decide if you need a big and elaborate venue, or if a small meeting room will suffice.

Technology is another important aspect to consider. Everyone is connected these days and wants access to the internet when attending a conference. In addition to offering reliable WiFi throughout the venue, your chosen conference venue should also offer all of the technical support and equipment that you might need. These include projectors, video equipment, lighting, sound and so much more.

Another key variable when it comes to choosing a conference venue is that of location. You will want your venue to be located conveniently for all of your delegates. Sometimes the hub of the city is sought after, other times it can be quite rewarding to host a corporate conference in serene or natural surroundings. Do your homework before you book a venue – don’t just settle on the first place that you encounter. Only settle for a decent venue in a prime location and with access to all the transport options that your delegates will need.

An important element that many people overlook is that of catering. You must be able to offer your delegates refreshments and nourishing meals. Providing delegates with healthy snacks and light meals is the perfect way to incorporate a breakaway time, and to ensure that all attendees are feeling fresh, comfortable and taken care of. Check with your chosen conference venue in Pretoria if you can suggest the menu options that you prefer.

At Monument Function Centre, we offer more than just a conference venue in Pretoria. Our venue is designed to offer various venues for hire, as well as restaurants that can cater to the every need and whim of your delegates. We are also located within the Voortrekker Monument Nature Reserve in Pretoria, which places us in the ideal convenient location for all of your delegates. We offer a unique location with privacy and can cater to any sized function from 200 to 1 000 delegates. We suggest the following venues within the Monument Function Centre for your conference:  
  • Amphi Hall
  • De Kroon Kamer
  • Manschappen Conference Room
  • Blikkantien Venue
  • Monument Restaurant

Within each of these venues, you will find upmarket conference facilities and friendly staff members ready and willing to assist you with your every need. All of our conference venues offer fine furnishings and access to the equipment and technology that is required to host a professional conference or corporate gathering in this day and age. Whether you are gathering for a corporate lunch or hosting a function that is held over a few days, we at Monument Function Centre can make the occasion simpler and more memorable for you.

At Monument Function Centre, we welcome all of our clients to get in touch with us. We want to know more about your upcoming conference, so that we can provide you with an all-inclusive quotation to consider. If you would like to learn more about our conference venue in Pretoria, contact us via email or telephone at Monument Function Centre today.
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