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When it comes to conferencing, we see a trend that has grown in popularity over the years – from small and little-known gatherings to massive and open events – some of the biggest conferences take place in the gaming communities, with some of the most frequent events throughout the year. The academic world does not stand idle either, regularly hosting these types of events in major cities around the world. Usually, these events are catered to the amount of people expected to attend, and this is where Monument Function Centre can be of service regarding conference venue hire in and around Pretoria.

Having a good indication of how many people will be attending is one of the first factors that would determine the conference venue you need to hire. Secondly, you will have to decide on a location. For local conferences, you need not worry too much about specific locations, although some people will still fly in for the event, which would be the case for international conferences as well. Therefore, Pretoria might not be at the top of the list, but is still very accessible on both local and international levels. At Monument Function Centre, we have two brilliant options for conference venue hire, with the capacities to cater to any type of event.

Smaller Conferences 

These events are usually focused on one topic and would normally attract the world’s gurus on the subject, along with other speakers and people who show interest in the subject. Sometimes, these events are aimed at attracting local attendees instead of making it an international affair, and this is where Manschappen shines as one of the most ideal conference venues in Pretoria.

Surrounded by the Voortrekker Monument Nature Reserve, the Manschappen conference venue features six at your disposal when selecting the standard conferencing package. You will also have the assistance of our conference coordinator to help you organise your event and ensure that everything goes according to plan. Additional conferencing equipment is also available at an additional cost, making Manschappen a viable venue for hire.

Once the day is done and the sessions are over, you can enjoy the surrounding area’s unlimited entertainment, with splendid activities like horseback riding and hot-air ballooning to only name a few. The Schanskop Lapa can also provide a lovely atmosphere for a good old bosbraai under the Pretoria night sky, while the outdoor amphitheatre is ideal for some live entertainment once the sun sets and the evening begins.

Bigger Conferences 

If you are planning an international conference and expect people to attend in big numbers, the Amphi Hall is ideal for your event. Finding the perfect conference venue for hire in Pretoria can prove to be difficult when planning these big events, but with the help of Monument Function Centre, you will have the Amphi Hall at your disposal, giving you ample amounts of room and endless possibilities regarding the sessions.

Every room at the Amphi Hall features state-of-the-art audio-visual equipment, making this venue perfect to hire for bigger events that would have multiple sessions running at once. For the keynote speakers, you will have access to the open-air venue – featuring a large stage and more than enough room for all the attendees to enjoy the show. On-site conferencing equipment include the use of internet, printers, and audio-visual equipment to ensure a level of professionalism at your event.

This conference venue also features ample and secure parking for everyone attending, giving them peace of mind that their ticket home will be safe and waiting on their return. Private conference facilities are also available when you hire this venue, featuring business workstations and private bathrooms for that unique corporate feel. The Amphi Hall also features a barn venue that is perfect for semi-outdoor events and activities, with more than enough room for everyone to enjoy the show.

When it comes to conference venue hire in Pretoria, Monument Function Centre has you covered. Whether you are planning a big international event or a smaller local one, you can count on us to provide you with the ideal venue to suit your every need. For more information on our services and available venues, feel free to browse our website for images and details, and contact us directly for booking information and other related enquiries. Let us make conference venue hire easy for you, and elevate your next event in Pretoria to a professional level.

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