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What aspects are important to you when you are looking for a suitable conference room? Is it the location of the venue or the actual space in which the meeting is to be held? Whilst conference room requirements will invariably differ from company to company, they will also vary according to the duration and/or formality of the event, number of delegate and guest profile.


Virtually any enclosed interior space may be used as a conference room, as long it is private and suitably equipped. Privacy is important for two main reasons. Discussions and decisions may be of a confidential nature, making it essential that only participants should be privy to the content of the meeting and its agenda. Secondly, in order to ensure that delegates are free from interruptions and able to focus on the business at hand, they generally prefer to be isolated in a private location, away from possible distraction

Boardroom Meeting or Conference

Your head office may be equipped with a conference or boardroom, but such spaces can usually only accommodate a relatively small number of seated persons, placed around a large (boardroom) table, oval or rectangular in shape. Alternatively, some boardrooms are furnished with an oval table, which has an open centre. The placement of chairs is still around the outer perimeter. However, this configuration is less popular than the former. The boardroom has given its name to a seating plan, now universally accepted as “boardroom seating”.

Generally, boardroom meetings are of shorter duration, often only dealing with one or few subjects. These rooms are generally used for executive meetings, at which attendees are board members, shareholders or senior management executives. A conference is usually longer in duration, because of the extensive content of its agenda and the larger number of topics to be covered. Conference delegates are not necessarily of senior or executive status. They may include incumbents of varying positions within the company.

A Venue Away from the Office

Most businesses that apply modern business practices prefer to hold their conferences at a venue away from the office, one that has one or more suitable, dedicated conference rooms, plus the infrastructure and resources with which to host business gatherings of varying sizes in a professional manner.


Why move the gathering away from the office, especially since everyone who is required to attend has to travel to the venue? What are the advantages of using someone else’s conference room? What must one look for in such a function centre, in addition to the aforementioned privacy?

  • Selection of conference rooms of varying sizes.
  • Choice of seating plans – boardroom, cinema, schoolroom, banquet or U-shape.
  • Everyone is on “neutral ground”; no one has a “home ground advantage”, even if only perceived. After all, perception is typically a person’s reality.
  • Going to a conference room at a location away from the office represents a “break” of sorts. You are physically and mentally away from everything that is familiar and “everyday”, including normal workplace duties and personal responsibilities. Delegates have a sense of freedom and enhanced focus.
  • The conference centre’s experienced co-ordinator assists with all arrangements to ensure that requirements are met and the event runs smoothly, according to the agenda. This includes registration, the provision of modern business equipment and aids and timely provision of meals and refreshments, allowing the agenda to proceed according to allocated times.
  • Use of conference equipment, without having to purchase anything or arranging with various vendors to have hired equipment on site, on time and in good working order.
  • People in different functions or from different offices have a chance to meet, mingle and get to know one another personally. This leads to better understanding of others and their different points of view.
  • Effective communication is enhanced – immediately at the conference room and on a longer-term basis.
  • People learn from one another.
  • The conference room is the best place to hold in-depth, focussed discussions, resolve disputes and reach consensus.

Find your Ideal Conference Room

There are two ways in which to find your ideal conference room and venue. One is complex and the other is simple, straightforward and easy. Either undertake an extensive search for a suitable space and place yourself and make all your own arrangements, or have a look at our range of conference rooms on this website, contact us and look forward to a productive event.
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