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Tips for Choosing Conference Facilities in Pretoria

When it comes to organising conferences, conferencing facilities in Pretoria are hard to beat.  Not only is there a wide range of facilities offering a variety of attractions, but Pretoria is also centrally located and easy to access via road, rail or air.  It is, however, of vital importance that you find the venue that can provide everything you need for your particular conference and in the myriad of venues, it helps to have some guidelines when starting out on your search.


  1. Accessibility:  Where the facility is located can have a huge effect on how many people attend the conference and it is important that all attendants can reach the venue without too much hassle.  Ensure that the location you choose can be easily reached by air, road and rail.  Parking should also be considered, as there has to be enough secure parking at the venue for all the attendees.  Other amenities in the area are also important, as attendees may want to socialise or network after hours, and need a place to do so outside of the conferencing venues.  Conference facilities in Pretoria have easy access to all national roads, air and rail, and are highly recommended for conferences with international guests.
  2. Accommodation:  If the conference venue does not provide accommodation, it is recommended that there is ample suitable accommodation nearby for attendees.  If the accommodation provided is not walking distance from the conference, it may be required to organise shuttle services for attendees.  Taking taxis or trying to use public transport may pose a problem, and it will make things a lot easier to have regular shuttles to and from accommodation.
  3. Traffic:  If the conferencing venue is in a hotel or resort, it may be necessary to check how full it is during the time of the conference.  Having a fully booked hotel or having a conference during the resort’s peak season may pose problems with accessibility to facilities, such as the gardens, restaurants, swimming pools and other relaxation areas where conference attendees may want to eat, relax or network.It is best to organise the conference during downtimes, during which better discounts may apply and conference attendees do not have to feel crowded by additional guests not attending the conference.  This gives them better opportunities to network, and also a more relaxed and specialised experience.  If another conference takes place at the same time, consider your sponsors and their competition.  It is often not a good idea to have a conference at the same accommodation or venue as a competitor of the sponsors.
  4. Suitability of venue:  Ensure that the venue is suitable for the event, and that it adds to the tone of the event instead of detracting from it.  The venue is representative of the conference image, and finding one that projects the same values as the conference can be very valuable.  If the conference is informal, a more informal venue is required, but for VIPs a more luxurious environment is required.  You will also be able to target your audience better with the correct venue.
  5. Budget:  One of the most crucial considerations is to find a venue where you can conduct a successful conference without straining your budget.  Find a good venue and negotiate discounts on accommodation, catering, or the venue hire where possible.  Long-term relationships with certain conferencing venues may stand you in good stead, as they are assured of your continuing business and will be able to provide better rates and discounts.
  6. Staff:  Ensure that there is enough staff available at the venue and accommodations to look after the needs of your guests.  Conference organisers will often need help with certain aspects of the conference, such as directing guests, printing or arranging rooms. It is important that staff resources are available where needed.  A dedicated banqueting or conferencing team can be a very valuable asset and take a lot of stress out of the event.
  7. Facilities:  The venue has to be able to provide for the needs of the conference attendees and the conference organisers.  Technical issues, such as WiFi and the availability of audio-visual equipment, are very important in some cases.  The facilities at the accommodation also have to be considered for the comfort of the guests.
  8. Food & Refreshments:  Ensure that your food is of high-quality and that regular refreshments are available for attendees.  Schedule regular refreshment breaks and ensure that the venue provides everything that is required, such as tea, coffee, cold drinks and water, along with some snacks during breaks.

When it comes to conference facilities in Pretoria, we at Monument Function Centre come highly recommended.  Our location is beautiful, our team professional and our caterers outstanding.  There are also numerous quality accommodation options nearby.  Contact our team for more information about how we can help make your conference in Pretoria a great success!

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