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Layouts and Floor Plans for Best Seating

When browsing for suitable conference centres, it is important that you keep the seating capacity of each venue in mind, as well as the various floor plans and layout schemes available. The Monument Function Centre, located at the foot of the Voortrekker Monument in Pretoria, offers numerous venues with suitable space and layouts.

Below we briefly discuss the various layouts normally associated with meetings to help you select a layout most appropriate to your event size and presentation style.

Boardroom Style

The layout is suited for high-end meetings where the total number of delegates is less than 30. Most boardroom meetings have on average 8-20 delegates. For this type of meeting you will want to create a space where interaction is encouraged. The décor is usually upscale and the typical executive boardroom ambience is created. It entails seating at a rectangular or round table with a projector screen and the required equipment for presentations and discussions.

Hollow Square, U-shape or Horseshoe Style

If you are planning a brainstorming session, which requires optimal participation, select the U-shape, hollow-square or horseshoe layout. The names refer directly to the table arrangements and the open space in the middle where the presenter or meeting leader is seated or stands. It is suitable for medium size room and mid-size meetings.

Banquet or Reception Style

Both these styles offer maximum seating around tables and are suitable for year-end functions, events where the delegates will enjoy meals, snacks or beverages during the event, and where you want to create an up-market event area. Several delegates can be seated around the tables and still have workspace. Interaction is encouraged among the delegates of each table while the presentation is presented at front.

These styles are perfect for events where the focus is also on the presentations. Both styles are suitable for medium to large events. The reception style normally has higher and smaller tables with two to three persons at each, whereas the banquet style has dining room type round tables with comfortable seating and from two to six or even eight persons at each.

Cinema Style

The layout is best suited for events at conference centres where the focus is on the presentation and where the delegates are not expected to interact with each other. In many of these events, breakaway facilities are offered for discussions after the main presentations. With the cinema style, the seats are arranged in rows facing the front of the room. A variant of such is the theatre style where seats are arranged in slightly curved rows for maximum seating capacity and optimal viewing abilities. A bonus of this style is that due to the fact that no tables are needed, more delegates can be seated.

Classroom Style

In this style the delegates are seated at tables facing the presentation area. There can be two to six persons per table depending on the table size – all facing the presentation area. This is the style to select if you are hosting a workshop, seminar or any type of event where the delegates will need to write, listen and participate. The style allows for the hosting of small- to mid-size events.

Our onsite coordinators will assist you in selecting a layout according to your particular conference requirements. Contact us at the Monument Function Centre in Pretoria for more information on the conference packages available.

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