Conference Centres in Pretoria

How to Choose Suitable Conference Centres in Pretoria

Organising a conference can be a stressful business, and there are a range of factors that contribute to making your event a success.  One of the most important factors will always be your choice of venue.  It is absolutely essential that the venue is suited to the needs of your conference, and that the needs of the conference attendees can be accommodated by the layout, logistics and services at the venue.  Unless time constraints or logistical issues are an issue, it is recommended that every venue is visited in person, in order to make a more informed decision.

Here are some factors to consider when choosing your conference venue:

  • Location:  It is important that all your conference guests have easy access to the venue.  Guests flying in from other countries or regions don’t want to travel for hours after flying, and a venue close to the relevant airports is the best option.  Pretoria is a very popular location for conferences, as it is located within a short drive from the O. R. Tambo International Airport, and guests flying in have ample and easy access to the city.  Choosing conference centres in Pretoria can be tricky, as they can be booked up far ahead of time, and it is wise to start checking venues and booking your conference venue as soon as time allows it.
  • Ambience and Aesthetics:  Conferences are best held away from the hustle and bustle of the city, and venues on the outskirts of the city provide peace and quiet that conference attendees need to relax and focus.  The venue has to be quiet in order for no interruptions and disturbances to occur while people are in conference, and choosing a venue that is attractive and tranquil is more conducive of creativity and thinking productively.  Nobody wants to be cooped up in a windowless room all day, and being able to go outdoors to stretch legs or for a change of atmosphere works wonders.  Natural settings are the best, as they instil a sense of calm, peace and tranquillity.
  • Catering:  It goes without saying that the catering has to be outstanding, and that all dietary requirements can be provided for.  Conference centres in Pretoria usually have their own catering teams on site, or contracted catering teams with ample experience in catering for conferences.  Ensure that you are aware of your guests’ culinary preferences or restrictions before deciding on menus.
  • Conference Rooms:  The size of the conference room has to comfortably seat your number of delegates, with room to move.  The style of seating is also important – if people are required to take notes, it is not comfortable to sit in theatre style.  Rather find a venue that can comfortably deal with the number of delegates in another style.  Rooms that are too small become claustrophobic, and rooms that are too large lose the intimacy required for teamwork and feedback.  If breakaway rooms are needed, ensure that there are enough on site to accommodate groups.
  • Professional Conference Staff:  It is essential that the staff at the conference venue can deal with the conference requirements and guests in a suitable manner.  Support personnel at the venue can help to take the stress out of organising, and should be able to help with anything from printing to organising teamwork exercises.
  • Audio & Visual Equipment:  Ineffective or faulty audio or visual equipment can break a conference.  It is imperative that all of the delegates are able to hear the speaker, and that any presentations done are visible to the audience.  Ensure that the data projectors, white boards, sound systems and other relevant equipment is suitable to your programme, and if the venue cannot provide these, it can be outsourced to a professional audio-visual equipment provider.
  • Facilities:  This can vary according to the conference specifications – often delegates need to have access to the internet, and having WiFi is now practically a standard requirement for conference centres in Pretoria and the rest of South Africa.  Other facilities required may include sufficient comfortable accommodation for delegates, areas to relax and socialise, and in some cases, even spa facilities or a gymnasium could be required for overnight guests.
  • Cost:  Ensure that the conference venue that you choose will be able to give you value for money, and that a quote is provided for the entire conference to avoid surprises later on.  Invoicing should be transparent and negotiating on the price is recommended.  Ensure that you remain on budget as far as possible and keep in mind any incidental expenses that may be incurred during the conference.

If you are looking for the perfect venue for your conference, you cannot go wrong with us at Monument Function Centre. We are one of the best known conference centres in Pretoria, and we have ample experience in conferencing for large or small groups.  Contact our creative conferencing team today to find out how our excellent team and wonderful venue can help to make your conference a great success!

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