Conference and Function Venue in Pretoria

Introduction to Floor Plans and Lay-out Styles

The Monument Conference and Function Venue in Pretoria offers various venues and lay-out schemes to meet your specific event requirements. Our onsite coordinator and planner will help you determine the best lay-out for your particular event and the number of delegates to attend. Understanding lay-out schemes can help with the planning of the event and will ensure that when you review our various floor plans, you will be able to visualise the space to make an informed decision on which venue option to choose.

Banquet Style

This style entails the placement of hexagonal or oval tables at specific intervals throughout the hall. Each table can seat a specific number of delegates.  It is well-suited for weddings, year-end functions and Matric farewells. It is also suited for training sessions where the attendees will need to discuss specific concepts within smaller groups since it promotes interaction among attendees. We can recommend the banquet style if you plan an event where meals will be served,

The number of delegates per table can range from 4 to 10 depending on the table sizes and the total number of delegates you want to seat in the specific space. The tables are pre-selected by the venue organisers based on the general height requirement of delegates. With the banquet style lay-out, it is possible to create a rather stunning ambiance as tables can be draped in fine linen and flowers placed for aesthetic appeal.

Where possible, restrict seating per table to ensure that delegates have enough space for their notebooks, stationary and other conference materials.

Theatre Style

This style is well-suited for an event where slide or video presentations will be done. It is also perfect for white-board presentations and where speakers will address the audience. The lay-out often entails the arrangement of seats in a semi-circle pattern as it facilitates the best possible view of the presentation. A variation of the above lay-out is the herringbone. The latter style favours focus on the speaker and is thus perfect for events where the speakers will take up most of the conference time.

The theatre style is the best option if you want to seat as many as possible delegates and will serve refreshments outside the conference venue. A word of caution though – always review the maximum number of delegates that can be seated in this lay-out style and adhere to it. If too many delegates are seated the rows will be narrow, making it difficult for delegates to quickly leave the room for a restroom break or an important phone call.

Classroom Style

In this lay-out style, delegates are seated behind each other with enough spacing to allow for easy movement. For optimal visibility of the speaker or screen, the rows are slightly bended. The style is well-suited for large spaces and where the event character is less formal. The typical classroom style entails rows of chairs with tables to give the delegates their own workspace as opposed to the theatre style where the delegates mostly focus on the speaker or presentation. The tables can seat from one to four persons depending on the specific venue.

Boardroom Style

The boardroom style is well-suited for high-end meetings in an enclosed environment and where close interaction among delegates is important. The setting is for smaller meetings and normally entails upmarket furnishings and presentation equipment. The furniture and equipment is reflective of the executive boardroom.


With this style the tables or chairs are arranged in the form of a horseshoe or U, which facilitates optimal discussion and interaction. The speaker normally stands in the front and leads the discussions. Choose this lay-out style if your event requires a lot of interaction. It facilitates personal interaction and is well-suited for small to medium events or where you have enough floor space. The U-shape is the ideal lay-out for brainstorming sessions.

With various lay-outs available for each of the venues at the Monument Conference and Function Venue in Pretoria you should have no problem in seating your delegates in the preferred and best way for the specific type of interaction and number of delegates to attend. View the conference rooms available and contact us to enquire about venue availability and packages.

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