Choosing a Venue for your Next Conference

Conference Venue’s Success is Synonymous with Successful Conferences Choosing a venue for your next conference or function can be downright challenging or perfectly simple. It really depends on where you want to be and whom you approach on behalf of a group of attendees who all have their own unique likes and dislikes.

In essence, you’re going to attempt to please all the people, all the time – a task which may seem impossible and a satisfactory outcome which may seem completely out of reach. People tend to be quite demanding about their meals and accommodation when away from home, while you’re caught in the middle, trying to satisfy their individual predilections.

Who Does All the Work?

It almost appears to be unfair. All the guests or delegates are required to do is arrive on time (and register, if the event is a conference), while you have to do each and every bit of planning, arranging, organising and supervising. Or do you?

Lessen the Load

Again, it depends virtually entirely on which venue you choose and the level of conference co-ordination they offer – expert or otherwise.

At Monument Function Centre’s variety of establishments, you’ll be delighted with the sound advice, competent assistance and helpful support which are on offer. This forms part and parcel of your package, leaving you free to attend to and concentrate on responsibilities which cannot be delegated to others.

Our event co-ordinators and facilitators are trained and experienced in all aspects of diverse function planning and execution, with knowledge of commonplace pitfalls and how to recognise, eliminate and avoid potential problems, before they occur.

Together with you, he or she will plan each step of the conference, down to the finest detail, because the ultimate success of the event relies on proper, thorough planning.

Planning Checklist  
  • Select a venue, ideally one that is easily accessible to all delegates and speakers, including those who are to travel from another area, be it by road or air. Pretoria is perfectly located for people within the greater Gauteng region and others travelling to and from O.R. Tambo International and Lanseria Airports.
  • Ensure that the prospective establishment has hosted conferences before – with success.
  • Choose one which provides adequate safe and secure parking for your delegates’ vehicles, ensuring that attendees are able to focus on the meeting without worrying whether their cars will still be there when the conference is concluded, especially if an overnight stay is required.
  • Set a proposed date and perhaps consider and include a couple of alternatives – just in case.
  • Advise delegates of the upcoming conference, requesting that they confirm attendance by a date, which allows you enough time to make necessary arrangements in conjunction with our co-ordinator.
  • Contact us with your guest numbers, the proposed date, your budget and the duration of the function. Please do so as far in advance as possible, avoiding the disappointment of finding that your date is already reserved by another. Keep in mind that you can always confirm numbers of attendees closer to the actual time.
  • Have details on hand if accommodation is required. Include specific details of persons who are sharing rooms – this is saves on costs.
  • Include meal and refreshment information and preferences, particularly special dietary requirements, which must be arranged in advance.
  • We’ll suggest the most appropriate venue/s according to your requirements and attending delegate numbers, plus their vehicle parking needs. Together, we can decide upon and confirm the seating plan which bests suits you.
  • Let us have a copy of the times apportioned to your meeting’s agenda, enabling us to ensure that arrival, registration and departure times, tea/coffee breaks, mealtimes, commencement and conclusion times are adhered to from our side, so that the event runs smoothly, with no hiccups and wasted precious time.
  • Be sure to specify the conference equipment you wish to have at your disposal. Certain of our packages include most of the aids usually used at group meetings, but extra facilities are also available as optional extras, at an additional cost, and should be pre-arranged.
  Mutual Success and Satisfaction   Remember, our success as your chosen conference venue depends almost entirely on our ability to ensure that your conference is a resounding success. When you and your guests depart, we’d like you to look forward to using Monument Function Venue again at a later date for future business meetings and other functions, whilst recommending our services to others in the interim.
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