Buffet Restaurants Pretoria

Buffet Restaurant Wedding Catering Might Be the Cheap Option, But It Is Certainly Not Nasty

South Africans love to eat. We have many incredible and famous dishes that are national favourites, and whether it is a hot or cool dish, or something in between, our national menu is endless. More and more bridal parties are choosing buffet restaurants when it comes to choosing a catering option for their wedding receptions. This is easy to understand, when you consider the costs involved in feeding each guest. When the wedding arrangements are well underway, finding a wedding catering service that takes care of feeding your guests can be a massive load off the shoulders of the bridal couple. With all the activity going on prior to, during, and after the wedding, extra hands are always needed – especially during the wedding reception. Having a dedicated catering service taking care of preparing and serving the food leaves you free on your big day to live in the moment and take it all in without all those additional worries.

Buffet Restaurants Make for an Easy Decision

Are you still trying to decide which serving style is best for your special day? Buffet meals offer major benefits, and could be a great fit for your wedding day. There are many reasons behind the rising popularity of buffet-style wedding receptions in South Africa. Let us take a look at some of the many reasons why more and more bridal parties are looking into buffet restaurants in Pretoria for their wedding receptions:

Casual Feel – for some couples, opting for a plated dinner is slightly too formal. A buffet dinner, on the other hand, creates a more casual atmosphere. This may be desired for an intimate reception, or a more laid-back celebration. It depends to a significant degree on the tone you want to set for your wedding reception.

More Food Options – if you would like to provide guests with multiple entrées and side dishes, a buffet dinner is your best bet. Serve multiple dishes, allowing guests their choice of tasty, delicious food. What is more, guests can also easily pass over any dishes that might not appeal to their palettes.

No Waiting Time Between Courses – a multi-course meal can actually keep your schedule quite rigid, causing extra stress on the day, as there is a brief pause between each course while you wait for all guests to finish. A buffet, on the other hand, allows guests to enjoy the full meal without waiting for each new dish to be served, and it can keep the programme flowing.

Easy Planning – when you consider buffet restaurants’ many options, you can pre-select a menu that caters to all preferences. Once you have decided on your buffet items, there is no need to track guests’ food preferences, or fret about a seating chart that appropriately serves beef or chicken to each guest. A buffet dinner helps alleviate the bridal party’s planning stress, without sacrificing amazing food and great service. Guests are charged with filling their own plates with exactly what they want, and you can take a load off on the big day and just enjoy being present, without being bogged down by details.

Book Your Wedding Reception at Monument Restaurant for a Scrumptious Buffet

Pretoria boasts many impressive buffet restaurants. Unfortunately, many of them are in the hustle and bustle of shopping malls, not the ideal setting for your wedding reception. Our restaurant brings you into nature and offers a superb dining experience at a reasonable cost. Add to that a place where you can celebrate with your loved ones, and where children can play, and you have found a true gem among Pretoria’s restaurants.

If that is what you have been looking for, look no further. Monument Restaurant is situated in the foothills of the Voortrekker Monument. In this nature reserve, you can look forward to hosting a beautiful reception for your wedding guests, with the preparation and presentation of delicious food taken care of. What better way to optimise your time than to relax at a venue that will complement your big day? Speak to us for more details on hosting your wedding reception at our buffet-style restaurant in Pretoria. We look forward to hearing from you.
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